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    Fall 2021 Chancellor’s and Dean’s List Students are Announced

    April 28, 2022

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    JONESBORO – Students on the Chancellor’s and Dean’s Lists for the fall 2021 semester at Arkansas State University have been announced.  The lists recognize undergraduate students who achieved the highest grade-point averages while enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours of study.

    The Chancellor’s List (designated as CL) includes students who earned a perfect GPA of 4.0. The Dean’s List (designated as DL) includes students with a GPA of 3.6 to 3.99. The lists include students enrolled at Campus Queretaro.

    Arkansas students are listed by county and hometown, followed by those from other states, then international students by country. Chancellor’s List students are listed first within each city:


    Arkansas, DeWitt: Caitlyn Baker, CL

    Arkansas, DeWitt: Ashtyn Beck, CL

    Arkansas, DeWitt: Haley Martin, CL

    Arkansas, DeWitt: Olivia Deviney, DL

    Arkansas, DeWitt: Tiner Gunnell, DL

    Arkansas, DeWitt: Taylor Koen, DL

    Arkansas, DeWitt: Taylor Mannis, DL

    Arkansas, DeWitt: Kayla Poor, DL

    Arkansas, DeWitt: Darby Vancamp, DL

    Arkansas, DeWitt: Lauren Vansandt, DL

    Arkansas, DeWitt: Carly Watkins, DL

    Arkansas, DeWitt: Savannah Youngblood, DL

    Arkansas, Humphrey: Erica Bradley, CL

    Arkansas, Stuttgart: Jenna Bridges, CL

    Arkansas, Stuttgart: Heidy Bulbarela-Hernandez, CL

    Arkansas, Stuttgart: Reagan Raper, CL

    Arkansas, Stuttgart: Malia Scott, CL

    Arkansas, Stuttgart: Mary Straus, CL

    Arkansas, Stuttgart: Erin Carlin, DL

    Arkansas, Stuttgart: Logan Erstine, DL

    Arkansas, Tichnor: Makayla Whiting, CL

    Ashley, Crossett: Nicholas Goodwin, CL

    Ashley, Crossett: Triston Jackson, CL

    Ashley, Crossett: Jessica Tran, CL

    Ashley, Crossett: Connor Williams, CL

    Ashley, Crossett: Dannielle Dolan, DL

    Ashley, Crossett: Bennett Holt, DL

    Ashley, Crossett: Carson Mcdonald, DL

    Ashley, Crossett: Larson Rainey, DL

    Ashley, Crossett: Kenneth Rial, DL

    Ashley, Crossett: Sydney Watkins, DL

    Ashley, Hamburg: Carson Clark, CL

    Ashley, Hamburg: Daniela Mondragon, CL

    Ashley, Hamburg: Nicholas Roberson, CL

    Ashley, Hamburg: Walker Davis, DL

    Ashley, Hamburg: Tyler Hickman, DL

    Ashley, Hamburg: Gabriela Mondragon, DL

    Baxter, Big Flat: Billie Mccoy, CL

    Baxter, Big Flat: Kristen Hawkins, DL

    Baxter, Clarkridge: Hunter Beshears, CL

    Baxter, Cotter: Gaby Gross, CL

    Baxter, Cotter: Melissa Small, DL

    Baxter, Gassville: Hailey Dewey, CL

    Baxter, Gassville: Brandee Strain, CL

    Baxter, Gassville: Jesse Wilcoxson, CL

    Baxter, Gassville: Kaci Witter, CL

    Baxter, Henderson: Mollie Breckenridge, CL

    Baxter, Jordan: Izaak Golden, DL

    Baxter, Lakeview: Crisy Cook, CL

    Baxter, Lakeview: Blake Luna, CL

    Baxter, Midway: Stephanie Premetz, CL

    Baxter, Midway: Emma Martin, DL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Kayla Cantrell, CL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Lillian Cousins, CL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Austin Davis, CL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Lauren Dewey, CL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Quinn Hodges, CL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Roschella Kazan, CL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Madison Langhammer, CL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Johnathan Mcaliney, CL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Mackynzie Rangel, CL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Jeremey Rose, CL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Amanda Sanders, CL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Paige Simpson, CL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Mandelyn Smeltzer, CL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Maly Tabor, CL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Gianna Taylor, CL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Bailee Basinger, DL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Mattie Belk, DL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Mackenzie Drewry, DL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Payton Ellis, DL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Kelly Ezell, DL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Britney Holt, DL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Madilyn Jones, DL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Kaylee Middleton, DL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Donovan Reed, DL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Kelsey Rohr, DL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Kiara Sadler, DL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Lauren Staples, DL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Melissa Tollen, DL

    Baxter, Mountain Home: Olivia Wham, DL

    Baxter, Norfork: Skylar Jensen, CL

    Baxter, Norfork: Robert Lichty, CL

    Baxter, Norfork: Kaitlyn Gardner, DL

    Baxter, Norfork: McKenzie Jensen, DL

    Baxter, Salesville: Maggie Anderson, DL

    Benton, Bella Vista: Katherine Leis, CL

    Benton, Bella Vista: Elizabeth Self, CL

    Benton, Bella Vista: Michelle Smith, CL

    Benton, Bella Vista: Tiffany McCloskey, DL

    Benton, Bentonville: Holly Flynn, CL

    Benton, Bentonville: Ashley Lestina, CL

    Benton, Bentonville: Katelyn Feemster, DL

    Benton, Cave Springs: Kathleen Porter, DL

    Benton, Decatur: Ladale Clayton, DL

    Benton, Lowell: Aliyah Phommachak, DL

    Benton, Rogers: Keven Axxe, DL

    Benton, Rogers: Emily Efurd, DL

    Benton, Rogers: Patricia Rivera, DL

    Benton, Rogers: Aspen Smith, DL

    Benton, Rogers: Morgan Smith, DL

    Benton, Siloam Springs: Emma Bryant, CL

    Benton, Siloam Springs: Xitlali Estrada, CL

    Benton, Siloam Springs: Johnna Winfrey, CL

    Benton, Siloam Springs: Jaleigh Harp, DL

    Benton, Siloam Springs: Hannah Herring, DL

    Benton, Springdale: Jonathan Dunlap, CL

    Benton, Springdale: Carlos Mejia-Marquez, CL

    Boone, Harrison: Katrina Alexander, CL

    Boone, Harrison: Priscilla Collier, CL

    Boone, Harrison: Julianna Cramer, CL

    Boone, Harrison: Kassandra Laughery-Mcbryde, CL

    Boone, Harrison: Ashley Mathis, CL

    Boone, Harrison: Mary Mathis, CL

    Boone, Harrison: Nina Ramsey, CL

    Boone, Harrison: Tiffany Alge, DL

    Boone, Harrison: Rylee Hodge, DL

    Bradley, Warren: Abigail Torres, DL

    Calhoun, Camden: Madelyn Bisswanger, DL

    Calhoun, Thornton: Bridget McDonald, CL

    Carroll, Eureka Springs: Madison Eastburn, CL

    Carroll, Huntsville: Gavin Wilson, DL

    Chicot, Lake Village: Anna Fabick, CL

    Chicot, Lake Village: Sara Johnson, CL

    Chicot, Lake Village: Victoria Mantz, DL

    Chicot, Lake Village: Lily Sadler, DL

    Chicot, Lake Village: Yarlin Salinas, DL

    Clark, Arkadelphia: Emily Schranz, CL

    Clark, Okolona: Gabriella Gonzales, DL

    Clay, Corning: Dorian Segura, CL

    Clay, Corning: Abby Bauschlicher, DL

    Clay, Corning: Will Scobey, DL

    Clay, Peach Orchard: Drue Krauss, DL

    Clay, Piggott: Emma Graddy, CL

    Clay, Piggott: Ashlee Hill, CL

    Clay, Piggott: Micah Hobbs, CL

    Clay, Piggott: Willow Lewis, CL

    Clay, Piggott: Jacob Wellman, CL

    Clay, Piggott: Macey Williams, CL

    Clay, Piggott: Valerie Bowen, DL

    Clay, Piggott: Luke Boyd, DL

    Clay, Piggott: Presley Tullos, DL

    Clay, Piggott: Maggie Williams, DL

    Clay, Rector: Tenlee Dean, CL

    Clay, Rector: Kiersten Gardner, CL

    Clay, Rector: Sydney Wofford, CL

    Clay, Rector: Amber Beck, DL

    Clay, Rector: Zoey Blount, DL

    Clay, Rector: Parker Bucy, DL

    Clay, Rector: Gabriona Clark, DL

    Clay, Rector: Sawyer Hendrix, DL

    Clay, Rector: Blake Larue, DL

    Clay, Rector: Tabor Trail, DL

    Cleburne, Concord: Elizabeth White, CL

    Cleburne, Concord: Kendall White, DL

    Cleburne, Drasco: Katrina Baureis, DL

    Cleburne, Drasco: Molly Cornelison, DL

    Cleburne, Drasco: Elise Harlan, DL

    Cleburne, Heber Springs: Jacklin Addison, CL

    Cleburne, Heber Springs: Pamela Anderson, CL

    Cleburne, Heber Springs: Jeanne Haile, CL

    Cleburne, Heber Springs: Kayla Adcock, DL

    Cleburne, Heber Springs: Christian Flores, DL

    Cleburne, Heber Springs: Emily Losee, DL

    Cleburne, Heber Springs: Abigail McBroome, DL

    Cleburne, Heber Springs: Toni Ring, DL

    Cleburne, Higden: Sarah Tate, CL

    Cleburne, Quitman: Maggie Webb, CL

    Cleburne, Quitman: Makaylyn Hawk, DL

    Cleburne, Wilburn: Kendall Clowers, CL

    Cleveland, Rison: Kasie Ashcraft, DL

    Cleveland, Rison: Codey Keaton, DL

    Columbia, Magnolia: Calie Gray, CL

    Columbia, Magnolia: Grace Gore, DL

    Columbia, Waldo: Sarah Roberson, DL

    Columbia, Waldo: Kaitlyn Srebalus, DL

    Conway, Morrilton: Samuel Carter, DL

    Conway, Oppelo: Erin Corning, DL

    Conway, Plumerville: Haylee Russell, DL

    Craighead, Bay: Abigail Armstrong, CL

    Craighead, Bay: Abby Frisby, CL

    Craighead, Bay: Jessie Martin, CL

    Craighead, Bay: Addy Middleton, DL

    Craighead, Bay: Andrew Oster, DL

    Craighead, Bay: Jacob Oster, DL

    Craighead, Bay: Benjamin Roberts, DL

    Craighead, Bay: April White, DL

    Craighead, Bono: Serena Bratten, CL

    Craighead, Bono: Aleigha Bruno, CL

    Craighead, Bono: Elizabeth Cox, CL

    Craighead, Bono: Paige Cox, CL

    Craighead, Bono: Preston Dye, CL

    Craighead, Bono: Davanna Gargaro, CL

    Craighead, Bono: Braidyn Milner, CL

    Craighead, Bono: Hannah Montgomery, CL

    Craighead, Bono: Lindsey Norman, CL

    Craighead, Bono: Cody Preston, CL

    Craighead, Bono: Anna Roemer, CL

    Craighead, Bono: Megan Weaver, CL

    Craighead, Bono: Twilla Blankenship, DL

    Craighead, Bono: Leah Bonham, DL

    Craighead, Bono: Erin Davis, DL

    Craighead, Bono: Lindsey Hill, DL

    Craighead, Bono: Cameron Johann, DL

    Craighead, Bono: Harvey Mardis, DL

    Craighead, Bono: Raney Minton, DL

    Craighead, Bono: Clayburne Modelevsky, DL

    Craighead, Bono: Danelly Orozco, DL

    Craighead, Bono: Ryley Rapert, DL

    Craighead, Bono: Macie Reynolds, DL

    Craighead, Bono: Halle Rich, DL

    Craighead, Brookland: Courtney Arford, CL

    Craighead, Brookland: Alyssa Brockway, CL

    Craighead, Brookland: Stephanie Camp, CL

    Craighead, Brookland: Ashton Chaplain, CL

    Craighead, Brookland: Camron Collins, CL

    Craighead, Brookland: Sydney Mccord, CL

    Craighead, Brookland: Angel Monroe, CL

    Craighead, Brookland: Faythe Monroe, CL

    Craighead, Brookland: Landon Perdue, CL

    Craighead, Brookland: Nicole Ross, CL

    Craighead, Brookland: Emily Skaggs, CL

    Craighead, Brookland: Bailey Thompson, CL

    Craighead, Brookland: Brayden Fountain, DL

    Craighead, Brookland: Allison Holladay, DL

    Craighead, Brookland: Haley Huyck, DL

    Craighead, Brookland: Haley Killough, DL

    Craighead, Brookland: Matthew Luster, DL

    Craighead, Brookland: Madlynne Minton, DL

    Craighead, Brookland: Chelsea Polsgrove, DL

    Craighead, Brookland: Madison Riddle, DL

    Craighead, Brookland: Sophia Rogers, DL

    Craighead, Brookland: Ashton Smallman, DL

    Craighead, Brookland: Casey Smith, DL

    Craighead, Brookland: Alexis Stone, DL

    Craighead, Brookland: Chloe Turner, DL

    Craighead, Brookland: Zoe White, DL

    Craighead, Brookland: Gabriel Wood, DL

    Craighead, Brookland: Kacey Wood, DL

    Craighead, Caraway: Bobbie Hurst, CL

    Craighead, Caraway: Katie Towery, CL

    Craighead, Caraway: Bethany Tucker, CL

    Craighead, Caraway: Briley Douglas, DL

    Craighead, Cash: Gracye Cureton, CL

    Craighead, Cash: Haylee Payton, DL

    Craighead, Egypt: Alyssa Pettit, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro:  Bao  Nguyen, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Taylor Abernathy, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jessica Adkins, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Izzeldin Ahmed, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Zahraa Al Abdulhai, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Molly Allen, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Lori Alpe, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Zoe Anderson, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Caroline Averitt, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Abigail Avery, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Skyler Bailey, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Hope Barnes, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Whittney Barnes, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Natalie Bates, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Joshua Beardsley, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: La Blae, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Morgan Blessing, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Cade Booker, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Emily Brannon, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Christy Breeding, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Alexandria Brengard, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Joseph Brown, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Yeabtsega Brown, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jessica Bryant, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Malath Bugshan, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Cason Burk, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Leslie Burke, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Leah Carter, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Emanuel Cazano, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Binaya Chaudhary, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jackson Chrestman, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Bailey Circle, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Alanson Clevenger, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Rachael Cook, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Caitlin Cooper, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kaylee Crain, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Christopher Crutchfield, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Brittney Curran, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Autumn Davis, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Emily Davis, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: James Davis, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Karin De Aguinaga La Riva, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Cole Deevers, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Aubrey Defries, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Morgan Diamond, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Matthew Dixon, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Nicholas Dixon, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Spencer Douglas, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Hannah Driskell, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Genna Echols, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Damien Ehie, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Mackenzie Ergle, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Sara Evans, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Holly Farrah, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Makenzie Fenimore, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Savannah Fikes, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Roxana Flores, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Heather Foley, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Gracie Fulks, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Alexandra Gibson, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Emily Gibson, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Olivia Gibson, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Nathaly Gonzalez Fuentes, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Katharine Gschwend, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Oscar  Eduardo Guillen Ortiz, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Cameron Hafner, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Lindsey Hall, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Emilee Hammett, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Wesley Handwork, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Grace Hardin, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Madison Hardin, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kennon Harrington, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Trevor Harvey, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kyle Hass, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Conner Hibbard, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Garrett Hillis, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Breanna Hodge, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Allison Hoffman, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Madison Hogue, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Madeline Holt, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Rachel Holt, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Tiffany Holt, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kylah Hood, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Sarah Hooker, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Payton Hooton, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Xiangting Huang, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Cori Hufstedler, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Thomasina Huggins, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Haddyn Hurst, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Ryan James, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Brooklyn Jennings, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Gavin Jimenez, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Aarish Jiwani, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Johnathan Johninson, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Sarah Joiner, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Gabriella Jolly, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: DeAnna Jones, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kannon Jones, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kenya Jones, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Sarah Jones, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Amit Kathayat, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Takeki Kawate, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: McKenna Kellmann, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Bimal Khadka, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Dena Khalil, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kalee King, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Junkou Kobayashi, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Myka Laws, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Tra Le, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Rio Lingenfelter, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Tara Loperano, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Zachary Lowery, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Elexia Lucio, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Xavier Madera, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Heidi Madsen, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Mary Manuel, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Zane Marshall, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Alexandria Martillo, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Brittany Martin, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jacob Martin, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Madeline Martin, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Dakotah Martinez, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Eduardo Mata, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jacob Mathis, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kendall Maxwell, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Caleb Mayes, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Skyler Maynard, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Emmalee Mcloy, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Madison McLoy, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Gracie Miller, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Mary Katherine Miller, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Montgomery Miller, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Lauren Mitchell, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Autumn Moery, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Aaron Mondragon, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Rachel Mooneyham, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Emily Moore, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Hana Morrison, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Madison Munn, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Austin Murray, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Luka Naglic, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Helen Nelson, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Binh Nguyen, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Ca Nguyen, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Huy Nguyen, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kim Anh Thu Nguyen, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Tran Khanh  Vy Nguyen, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Tran Yen Nhi Nguyen, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Alyson Nichols, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Victoria Nichols, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jerry Nix, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Bailee Oswalt, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Cody Painter, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Cindy Palma, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Megan Parker, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kelsea Pennington, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: An Phan, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Thi Kim Nhi Phan, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Abby Phillips, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kaylie Pickle, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Krista Pittman, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kaitlin Ponder, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Ryan Powell, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Caroline Prestidge, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Zachary Proctor, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Madison Puryear, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Hannah Rainwater, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jackson Ransone, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jerusha Rathod, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Connor Rawls, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Claudia Rector, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Haley Reddick, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: MaryKate Reid, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Eli Richmond, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Gabrielle Richmond, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jeydon Riggs, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Alexandra Roberts, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kiley Rodrigues, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Anna Rubottom, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jessica Saito, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Alicia Santos, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Shinza Sapkota, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Joseph Schroeder, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Hannah Seats, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Carolyn Seglem, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Charles Selfors, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Olga Silva, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Cameron Simmermon, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Madison Simon, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Amelia Singh, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Amelia Sitzer, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kayla Slinkard, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jacob Snyder, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jackson St Pierre, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Angel Stacey, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Emery Steele, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kristin Steimel, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Allison Sterling, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Katrina Swanson, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Hannah Taber, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Riley Tarver, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Destiny Taylor, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Hannah Taylor, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Makenzie Thomas, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kaitlyn Thompson, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Chelsea Tipton, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Bethanie Tramel, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Dan Tran, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Madison Triplett, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Claire Umeora, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Averie Vance, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Madeleine Volner, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Hieu Vu, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Elizabeth Walton, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Tamra Washington, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kailee Watkins, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Sophie Watkins, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Sierra Wester, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Nathan Wheaton, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Alexander White, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Andrew Williams, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kyle Williams, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Savannah Williams, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Ryan Williamson, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Sarah Wilson, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kristen Wise, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Carissa Woodall, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Barrett Wrinkles, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Hannah Yarbrough, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Anna Yates, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Hazuki Yokoyama, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Shiqi Zhong, CL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Sabrina Al-Qaissi, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Brice Alexander, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Abeer Aljaad, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Anna Allen, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Andrés Gustavo Ambriz Gudiel, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Brittney Ammons, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kaoori Archer, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Karli Barker, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Reace Barnett, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Sydney Berry, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Elijah Biggers, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Brooke Bonds, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Timothy Booth, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Mariah Boushka, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kylie Box, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Mia Breaker, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Chandler Brigham, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jacob Brown, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Samuel Brownhill, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Richard Burt, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jahna Caines, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Alexis Campbell, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Chi Vy Chau, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Wonhui Cho, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Ashlyn Claiborne, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jackson Clayton, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kadin Cline, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Haley Conaway, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Joanna Conrad, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Gavin Cooper, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Mayzee Coots, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Aston Corder, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Dyamond Couch, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Chloe Cox, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Shakira Crawford, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Alexandra Crawley, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kristen Creighton, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Algernoa Crenshaw, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Elizabeth Crist, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Bethany Crum, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Peyton Dale, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Aleah Davis, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Hunter Davis, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Aubrey Decker, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Milena Diaz, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jasi Dowdy, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Zachary Duerr, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Caitlin Duty, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Abdeljalil El Assali, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Dean Elmore, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Sarah Ernes, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Elizabeth Farish, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Katie Fennell, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jackson Fletcher, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Micah Flynn, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Olivia Ford, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Ronald Fratesi, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Ethan Gallion, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jonathan Gammill, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Alberto Garcia, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Courtney Garner, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: LeAnn Geer, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Caroline George, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Tiffany Gibson, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Abigail Goad, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Brennan Graves, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Sydney Green, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Rikkia Greer, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Whitley Griggs, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Allison Groves, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Yuqing Gu, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Lelis Gutierrez, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Hannah Gutt, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Dylan Guy, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Darby Hall, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Keirstin Hammett, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jayden Hannah, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Aireona Harris, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Andrew Harris, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Emily Hastings, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Ava Hayes, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Ella Heath, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Catherine Hernandez, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Emily Herron, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Julianna Hill, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Hau Ho, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Phuong Ho, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Chase Hoots, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Chloe Hopkins, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Maggie Horn, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jackson Hundley, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kendall Hutchison, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Rachel Inzer, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Shannon Irwin, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kate Islas, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Ashlee Jackson, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Dalton Johnson, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Dylan Johnson, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Allison Jones, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Carolyn Jones, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Izeanaye Jones, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Michael Jordan, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Satoshi Kawami, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Carlaja Kelly, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Qasim Hassan Khan, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Hwiyoon Kim, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kyle Koch, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jake Krupicki, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Lasmita Lama, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Nathaniel Lamb, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Angelica Lara, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Eli Lawrence, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Braelen Lee, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Yubin Lim, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Heidi Lingenfelter, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jessica Lock, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Cecily Long, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Nattasha Lopez, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Mallorie Lovrien, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Thi Thu Phuong Luong, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Alandria Maddox, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kyah Mancil, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Adriana Mancilla, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Christian Martillo, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Takumi Matsunaka, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Rabecca McCleary, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Abby McCormick, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Seth Mcmasters, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Madelyn Miles, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Marcela Miranda Garcia, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Erina Miyajima, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Keith Andzrej Monsalud, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Hannah Montgomery, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Madeline Morales, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Madison Moritz, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Lizbeth Moyeda, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Hitomi Naoi, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Addonya Nelson, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Weston Newcomb, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Le Hai An Nguyen, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Thingocnhu Nguyen, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Thuy Nguyen, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Tiffany Nguyen, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Trang Nguyen, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Vu Nguyen, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Natasia Oliver, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Wendy Onek, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Miho Onuma, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: James Osborn, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Erica Parker, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kaelyn Parker, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jenna Patterson, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Alondra Pena Mercado, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Emily Pierce, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Andrew Pigott, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Asia Pitts, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Molly Poe, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Katy Polk, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Cazzie Pringle, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Allison Quick, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Abigail Rapert, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Shereka Ray, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kilee Reed, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kaleigh Remillard, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Emily Renshaw, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Madison Riggs, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Miriam Rivas Sosa, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Amelia Roberts, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Robert Robinson, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Hannah Rogers, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Hayley Rollins, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jordin Rone, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Evan Roode, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kylea Rucker, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Emily Rush, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Sydney Rush, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Christian Russell, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Rui Sago, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Alexia Sanders, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Emma Schroeder, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Emma Scott, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Ethan Scurlock, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Eun Ji Seong, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Hayley Sewell, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Savannah Sharp, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jinwoong Shin, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Sarah Showalter, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Londyn Smith, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Shyanne Smith, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Colby Stallings, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Gabrielle Stewart, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Abbey Stillwell, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Pharane’ Stokes, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Haley Sullivan, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Peyton Summers, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Julia Sweat, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Garrett Swindle, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Susmi Tamang, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Rimu Tanaka, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jubin Timilsina, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Aubrey Triplett, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Chloe Tyner, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: MaryJayne Umeora, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Carmela Unnold Cofre, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Ashlyn Walker, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Kiersten Walker, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Louis Walker, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Emma Watkins, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Taylor Watkins, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Caleb Watson, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Eric Watson, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jonathan White, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Wanya Wilkins, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Halle Willard, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Dakota Winders, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Malcolm Windle, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Colby Wood, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Jacob Woodward, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Nanako Yada, DL

    Craighead, Jonesboro: Liuqing Zhang, DL

    Craighead, Lake City: Dillon Boatman, CL

    Craighead, Lake City: Melanie Cheesman, CL

    Craighead, Lake City: Tiffany Fulcher, CL

    Craighead, Lake City: Alexis Boatman, DL

    Craighead, Lake City: Alexis Butler, DL

    Craighead, Lake City: Bryce Despain, DL

    Craighead, Lake City: Kimberly Wilson, DL

    Craighead, Monette: Elizabeth James, CL

    Craighead, Monette: Jessica Johnson, CL

    Craighead, Monette: Andrew McFarlin, CL

    Craighead, Monette: Hanah Carle, DL

    Craighead, Monette: Kaitlyn Fry, DL

    Craighead, State University: Kesia Brown, CL

    Craighead, State University: Kayla Burke, CL

    Craighead, State University: Hyesun Choi, CL

    Craighead, State University: Milan Davidson, CL

    Craighead, State University: Lily Fox, CL

    Craighead, State University: Mateo Galicia, CL

    Craighead, State University: Amine Ghoorchiyani, CL

    Craighead, State University: Dale Hartmann, CL

    Craighead, State University: Noah Haynes, CL

    Craighead, State University: Marin Hirata, CL

    Craighead, State University: Danielle Hunkins, CL

    Craighead, State University: Seth Joslin, CL

    Craighead, State University: Ruka Kawano, CL

    Craighead, State University: Shunsuke Kikuchi, CL

    Craighead, State University: Seoyoung Kim, CL

    Craighead, State University: Felix Krammer, CL

    Craighead, State University: Kosuke Moriya, CL

    Craighead, State University: Daichi Moriyama, CL

    Craighead, State University: Javier Munoz Ruiz, CL

    Craighead, State University: Kouki Nagata, CL

    Craighead, State University: Ohka Nakaegawa, CL

    Craighead, State University: Camryn Newton-Smith, CL

    Craighead, State University: Madalyn Neziri, CL

    Craighead, State University: Hiromi Nishimura, CL

    Craighead, State University: Elizabeth Phillips, CL

    Craighead, State University: Wyatt Reed, CL

    Craighead, State University: Takehito Sezai, CL

    Craighead, State University: Reika Shimizu, CL

    Craighead, State University: Emilio Soriano Chavez, CL

    Craighead, State University: Fumika Suzuki, CL

    Craighead, State University: Hino Suzuki, CL

    Craighead, State University: Soichiro Takahashi, CL

    Craighead, State University: Liam van Putten, CL

    Craighead, State University: Kaleb Webb, CL

    Craighead, State University: Shunsuke Yachi, CL

    Craighead, State University: Jinen Yu, CL

    Craighead, State University: Christopher Avalos, DL

    Craighead, State University: Matthew Blevins, DL

    Craighead, State University: Jeesoo Choi, DL

    Craighead, State University: Cameron Cobb, DL

    Craighead, State University: Willem Coertzen, DL

    Craighead, State University: Ryan Dadds, DL

    Craighead, State University: Allisyn Eblen, DL

    Craighead, State University: Pauline Gonzalez, DL

    Craighead, State University: Nene Hashimoto, DL

    Craighead, State University: Ibuki Hinohara, DL

    Craighead, State University: Jiyeon Hong, DL

    Craighead, State University: Siyeon Im, DL

    Craighead, State University: Maddie Lubinski, DL

    Craighead, State University: Amir Mambetaliev, DL

    Craighead, State University: Shona Nelson, DL

    Craighead, State University: William Partain, DL

    Craighead, State University: Allyson Pendergrass, DL

    Craighead, State University: Nhat Phan, DL

    Craighead, State University: Tomo Rin Suyama, DL

    Craighead, State University: Shoho Tamai, DL

    Craighead, State University: Ryan Williams, DL

    Craighead, State University: Ryota Yamamoto, DL

    Craighead, State University: Xuan Zhou, DL

    Crawford, Alma: Haylee White, CL

    Crawford, Chester: Elizabeth Moore, DL

    Crawford, Mountainburg: Alexandra Parette, DL

    Crawford, Rudy: Garrett Richmond, DL

    Crittenden, Earle: Jordan Smith, CL

    Crittenden, Earle: Allison White, CL

    Crittenden, Earle: Candice Atkins, DL

    Crittenden, Earle: Montrell Blockmon, DL

    Crittenden, Earle: Jalen Crayton, DL

    Crittenden, Earle: Chasity Hurst, DL

    Crittenden, Horseshoe Lake: Kaitlyn Bain, CL

    Crittenden, Marion: Kaitlynn Allman, CL

    Crittenden, Marion: Briley Brothers, CL

    Crittenden, Marion: Conner Catt, CL

    Crittenden, Marion: Samantha Gilbert, CL

    Crittenden, Marion: Emily Martinez, CL

    Crittenden, Marion: Sydney Masengale, CL

    Crittenden, Marion: Lynda Patterson, CL

    Crittenden, Marion: Bo Triplett, CL

    Crittenden, Marion: Bryce Waller, CL

    Crittenden, Marion: Adem Behi, DL

    Crittenden, Marion: Brandon Collins, DL

    Crittenden, Marion: Jada Davis, DL

    Crittenden, Marion: Kellie Dukes, DL

    Crittenden, Marion: Aniya Ewans, DL

    Crittenden, Marion: Emma Fraley, DL

    Crittenden, Marion: Anna George, DL

    Crittenden, Marion: Kristin Gordon, DL

    Crittenden, Marion: Brandon Harvey, DL

    Crittenden, Marion: Jessica Hiley, DL

    Crittenden, Marion: Samantha Hubbard, DL

    Crittenden, Marion: Tristen Isbell, DL

    Crittenden, Marion: Marissa Jones, DL

    Crittenden, Marion: Kandace Kirkman, DL

    Crittenden, Marion: Jacob Kohl, DL

    Crittenden, Marion: Alexis Long, DL

    Crittenden, Marion: Simon Mulder, DL

    Crittenden, Marion: Nhu Nguyen, DL

    Crittenden, Marion: Bradley Rice, DL

    Crittenden, Marion: Cynthia Savage, DL

    Crittenden, Marion: Hannah Steinman, DL

    Crittenden, Marion: Ryan Stewart, DL

    Crittenden, Marion: Makinzy Vangilder, DL

    Crittenden, Proctor: James Collins, CL

    Crittenden, Proctor: Gabriel Rodgers, CL

    Crittenden, Turrell: James Lowery, CL

    Crittenden, Turrell: Matthew Land, DL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Morgan Albers, CL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Matthew Baker, CL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Salethia Cooper, CL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Christina Frazier, CL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Kimberly Harris, CL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Erica Jones, CL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Jennifer Little, CL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Carla McFadden, CL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Lydia Perschka, CL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Kadashia Pounds, CL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Tiffany Powers, CL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Shanique Smith, CL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Connie Sorrells, CL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Kimberly Troup, CL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Denishia White-Hayes, CL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Amanda Wolfe, CL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: LaGwendolyn Cannon, DL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Madeline Courtney, DL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Kaylyne Crews, DL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Alyssa Follas, DL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Malia Gillum, DL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Haley Hickey, DL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Tianna Matthews, DL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Patrice McCoy, DL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Reagan Rushing, DL

    Crittenden, West Memphis: Megan Smith, DL

    Cross, Cherry Valley: Truman Jones, CL

    Cross, Cherry Valley: Bevin Dawson, DL

    Cross, Cherry Valley: Aurora Greenhaw, DL

    Cross, Cherry Valley: Emma Mcknight, DL

    Cross, Cherry Valley: Summer Romans, DL

    Cross, Colt: Hannah Morris, DL

    Cross, Hickory Ridge: Christina Jarrett, CL

    Cross, Wynne: Riley Bethell, CL

    Cross, Wynne: Carmen Davis, CL

    Cross, Wynne: Kyra Dobson, CL

    Cross, Wynne: Noah Haney, CL

    Cross, Wynne: Allyson Hicks, CL

    Cross, Wynne: Clayton Huffaker, CL

    Cross, Wynne: Peyton Lace, CL

    Cross, Wynne: Emmanuel Lyons, CL

    Cross, Wynne: Lakendra Lyons, CL

    Cross, Wynne: Bethany Niswonger, CL

    Cross, Wynne: Daniel Overholser, CL

    Cross, Wynne: Kayla Shahan, CL

    Cross, Wynne: Levia Taegtmeyer, CL

    Cross, Wynne: Ashlan Ball, DL

    Cross, Wynne: Anna Dallas, DL

    Cross, Wynne: Thomas Griggs, DL

    Cross, Wynne: Kourtney Harris, DL

    Cross, Wynne: Nathan Hartley, DL

    Cross, Wynne: Emily Hirons, DL

    Cross, Wynne: Kathleen Jumper, DL

    Cross, Wynne: Andrew Mohr, DL

    Cross, Wynne: Robert Mohr, DL

    Cross, Wynne: Whitney Taylor, DL

    Cross, Wynne: My Ni Van, DL

    Desha, Dumas: Kaylee Eifling, DL

    Desha, McGehee: Mary Dunn, CL

    Desha, McGehee: Armari Jackson, CL

    Desha, McGehee: Denise Johnson, DL

    Desha, Tillar: Jadacee Glover, DL

    Drew, Monticello: Haley Hill, CL

    Drew, Monticello: William Hollis, DL

    Drew, Monticello: M Pinkus, DL

    Faulkner, Conway: Audrey Allison, CL

    Faulkner, Conway: Keeley Barnhouse, CL

    Faulkner, Conway: Jessica Gunnels, CL

    Faulkner, Conway: Julie Newsom, CL

    Faulkner, Conway: Anna Reed, CL

    Faulkner, Conway: Samantha Stiener, CL

    Faulkner, Conway: Seth Woods, CL

    Faulkner, Conway: Diana Ashley, DL

    Faulkner, Conway: Carlee Beene, DL

    Faulkner, Conway: Katelyn Caldwell, DL

    Faulkner, Conway: Morgan Carroll, DL

    Faulkner, Conway: Madison Davis, DL

    Faulkner, Conway: Abigail Duvall, DL

    Faulkner, Conway: Claire Greene, DL

    Faulkner, Conway: Grace Hill, DL

    Faulkner, Conway: Kendra Lea, DL

    Faulkner, Conway: William McPeake, DL

    Faulkner, Conway: Hannah Millsap, DL

    Faulkner, Conway: Cameron Tefteller, DL

    Faulkner, Conway: Ian Thomas, DL

    Faulkner, Greenbrier: Anna Harmon, DL

    Faulkner, Greenbrier: Madison Hodge, DL

    Faulkner, Mount Vernon: Talyn Lawrence, DL

    Faulkner, Vilonia: Megan Atkins, CL

    Faulkner, Vilonia: Rachel Blocker, CL

    Faulkner, Vilonia: Gabriel Goodwin, CL

    Faulkner, Vilonia: Lauren Goodwin, CL

    Faulkner, Vilonia: Matthew Goodwin, CL

    Faulkner, Vilonia: Emma Duncan, DL

    Faulkner, Vilonia: Jeremiah Riggins, DL

    Franklin, Charleston: Danielle Curtis, CL

    Fulton, Glencoe: Angelica Ginn-Mitchell, DL

    Fulton, Glencoe: Jesse Taylor, DL

    Fulton, Mammoth Spring: Rachel Davis, CL

    Fulton, Mammoth Spring: Taylor Layne, CL

    Fulton, Mammoth Spring: Kelli Young, CL

    Fulton, Mammoth Spring: Michael Aguilera, DL

    Fulton, Mammoth Spring: Laken Bailey, DL

    Fulton, Mammoth Spring: Madyson Kerley, DL

    Fulton, Salem: Luke Keen, CL

    Fulton, Salem: Rebecca Lemon, CL

    Fulton, Salem: Jonathan Schaufler, CL

    Fulton, Salem: Amanda Thiel, CL

    Fulton, Salem: Amber Yates, CL

    Fulton, Salem: Dustin Bullard, DL

    Fulton, Salem: Katelyn Estes, DL

    Fulton, Salem: Logan Stuart, DL

    Fulton, Salem: Rory Walling, DL

    Fulton, Viola: Taylor Batterton, CL

    Fulton, Viola: Emily Perryman, CL

    Fulton, Viola: Samantha Mccandlis, DL

    Garland, Hot Springs: Dylan Jessup, CL

    Garland, Hot Springs: Katie Knight, CL

    Garland, Hot Springs: Andrea Meyer, CL

    Garland, Hot Springs: Hannah Morrison, CL

    Garland, Hot Springs: Kaitlyn Rice, CL

    Garland, Hot Springs: Bailey Sharver, CL

    Garland, Hot Springs: Quinton Speer, CL

    Garland, Hot Springs: Blake Stachey, CL

    Garland, Hot Springs: Jacob Tester, CL

    Garland, Hot Springs: Rebecca Wertenberger, CL

    Garland, Hot Springs: William Burrow, DL

    Garland, Hot Springs: Christopher Burton, DL

    Garland, Hot Springs: Alexa Couey, DL

    Garland, Hot Springs: Rhiannon Edwards, DL

    Garland, Hot Springs: Rachel Golden, DL

    Garland, Hot Springs: Angel Gutierrez, DL

    Garland, Hot Springs: Blake Hegwood, DL

    Garland, Hot Springs: Gabriel Martens, DL

    Garland, Hot Springs: Faheem Matin, DL

    Garland, Hot Springs: Joshua Sheets, DL

    Garland, Hot Springs: Chase Stachey, DL

    Garland, Hot Springs: Matilda Young, DL

    Garland, Lonsdale: Annie Westerman, CL

    Garland, Pearcy: Emily Magby, CL

    Garland, Pearcy: Ashley Osburn, CL

    Garland, Pearcy: Tanner King, DL

    Garland, Royal: Sarah Bullen, CL

    Grant, Grapevine: Terah Grimes, CL

    Grant, Grapevine: Madison Taylor, CL

    Grant, Hensley: Hayley Capps, CL

    Grant, Prattsville: Ashton Archer, CL

    Grant, Prattsville: Jameson Archer, CL

    Grant, Prattsville: Alaina Allen, DL

    Grant, Redfield: Abigail Cline, DL

    Grant, Sheridan: Blair Casey, CL

    Grant, Sheridan: Brendan Crutchfield, CL

    Grant, Sheridan: Amber Goudy, CL

    Grant, Sheridan: Anna Handloser, CL

    Grant, Sheridan: Logan Mitchell, CL

    Grant, Sheridan: Gracen Murphy, CL

    Grant, Sheridan: Carly Strong, CL

    Grant, Sheridan: Heath Alexander, DL

    Grant, Sheridan: Erin Coleman, DL

    Grant, Sheridan: Lawson Collins, DL

    Grant, Sheridan: Aaron French, DL

    Grant, Sheridan: Ayden Mullins, DL

    Grant, Sheridan: Ethan Odom, DL

    Grant, Sheridan: Christine Thompson, DL

    Greene, Beech Grove: Lauren Fry, CL

    Greene, Lafe: Rebecca Morgan, DL

    Greene, Marmaduke: Shelby Hensley, CL

    Greene, Marmaduke: Nikki Hood, CL

    Greene, Marmaduke: Natalie Lentz, CL

    Greene, Marmaduke: Amber Nailling, CL

    Greene, Marmaduke: Ryne Strickland, CL

    Greene, Marmaduke: Savannah Marshall, DL

    Greene, Marmaduke: Scout Weatherford, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Courtney Babcock, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Heather Benge, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Shelby Blankenship, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Azaria Boggs, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Brooke Boone, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Sydney Brewer, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Hannah Bridger, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Lashae Brock, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Jessica Brogdon, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Alexander Burnett, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Jackson Carr, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Anthony Condray, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Grace Dial, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Eli Dowdy, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Keirstyn Duke, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Kamden Duty, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Abbey Edrington, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Tralee Ellington, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Shawna Emmons, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Makayla Fletcher, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Bayleigh Freeman, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Madison Garrett, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Bailey Gladish, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Dustie Hall, CL

    Greene, Paragould: David Harris, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Samuel Harris, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Ryan Hartness, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Elizabeth Hembrey, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Alyssa Henson, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Hayley Howard, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Austin Huber, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Paul Hutcheson, CL

    Greene, Paragould: AnnElise Jarrett, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Olivea Jett, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Breanna Johnson, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Brianna Jordan, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Kyla Kelley, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Jacob Lancaster, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Desorre Landreth, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Shelby Latting, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Andrew Lavespere, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Garron McDaniel, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Michala McPhink, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Elizabeth Noel, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Larianna Norwood, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Hallee Oden, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Gabriella Orick, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Cara Peeler, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Sarah Purcell, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Mackenzie Rawls, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Taylor Reddick, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Blayre Rice, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Mackenzie Ritsmon, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Allie Robb, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Jamie Rooker, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Austin Shultz, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Neeley Sims, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Chandra Suberano, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Morgan Sweeney, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Michaela Tallmadge, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Henry Thompson, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Jessie Thompson, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Shelby Thompson, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Brandi Tinsley, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Rachel Tinsley, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Isaac White, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Veronica Wilkinson, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Gracie Williams, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Fisher Wood, CL

    Greene, Paragould: Ryan Baldwin, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Brooke Barnes, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Laura Bass, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Trevor Bateman, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Hailey Beasley, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Baleigh Boling, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Rachel Booth, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Carmyn Brown, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Grace Bulkley, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Caroline Burrow, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Joshua Caldwell, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Zoe Carpenter, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Lexis Cole, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Rachel Combs, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Katelynn Copeland, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Ashlee Davis, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Carly Dehart, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Emma Dillon, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Rachel Draper, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Taylor Drew, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Kinsey Duty, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Jacob Edwards, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Emma Farmer, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Nathan Foster, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Dalton Fulbright, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Tryniti Garred, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Carlie Glass, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Rebekah Gramling, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Caleb Gray, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Jacy Harris, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Anna Henson, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Emily Hill, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Gabrielle Hudson, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Andrew Hyde, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Mackenzie Jamison, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Marissa Jett, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Breanna Joiner, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Racheal Kelly, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Luke Landrum, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Thomas Lane, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Denise Middleton, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Sadie Millay, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Allison Morgan, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Johnathon Mullins, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Chasity Neal, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Kara Newton, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Emilee Owen, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Morgan Phillips, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Aiden Piercy, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Jazzmon Pillow, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Markus Pillow, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Kaydy Powell, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Clara Pullam, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Crystal Richardson, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Ashlynne Rippy, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Hannah Risker, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Noah Robinson, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Brittian Roleson, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Dianna Rotscheid, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Ashley Russom, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Sarah Scorfina, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Derek Shollenbarger, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Mary Simpson, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Zoe Sloas, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Matilyn Smith, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Tammy Smith, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Daniel Steele, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Madison Symons, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Spencer Taylor, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Mackenzie Thomason, DL

    Greene, Paragould: McKenna Timmons, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Iris Tran, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Quarletta Turner, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Krystin Walden, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Eli Wallace, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Isabel Wallace, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Anastasia West, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Hunter West, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Reed Whitaker, DL

    Greene, Paragould: Kaitlin Williams, DL

    Hempstead, Hope: Courtney Rook, DL

    Hempstead, Nashville: Brody King, DL

    Hempstead, Nashville: Braden Ross, DL

    Hot Spring, Malvern: William Smith, CL

    Hot Spring, Malvern: Chris Stovall, CL

    Hot Spring, Malvern: Borgeon Walraven, CL

    Hot Spring, Malvern: Crystal Millspaugh, DL

    Hot Spring, Malvern: Faith Stephens, DL

    Hot Spring, Malvern: Taylor Synco, DL

    Hot Spring, Malvern: Anna Thompson, DL

    Howard, Nashville: Erika Bretado, CL

    Independence, Batesville: Draven Blair, CL

    Independence, Batesville: Jonathan Clark, CL

    Independence, Batesville: Skyler France, CL

    Independence, Batesville: Keely James, CL

    Independence, Batesville: Victoria Lange, CL

    Independence, Batesville: Alanna Lee, CL

    Independence, Batesville: Kailee Mcghee, CL

    Independence, Batesville: Hannah Puckett, CL

    Independence, Batesville: Savannah Sandage, CL

    Independence, Batesville: Madison Taylor, CL

    Independence, Batesville: Jacob Antici, DL

    Independence, Batesville: Mattie Ballard, DL

    Independence, Batesville: Alexander Branscum, DL

    Independence, Batesville: Ashley Brewer, DL

    Independence, Batesville: Cindy Campos, DL

    Independence, Batesville: Philip Collins, DL

    Independence, Batesville: Madelyn Cunningham, DL

    Independence, Batesville: Lynnley Dodd, DL

    Independence, Batesville: Victoria France, DL

    Independence, Batesville: Denisse Halford, DL

    Independence, Batesville: Kenneth Moore, DL

    Independence, Batesville: Brooke Palemine, DL

    Independence, Batesville: Charlotte Rice, DL

    Independence, Batesville: Kayla Shaw, DL

    Independence, Batesville: Leanna Van, DL

    Independence, Batesville: Chance Walls, DL

    Independence, Cave City: Bradyn Snow, CL

    Independence, Cave City: Kinley Barron, DL

    Independence, Cave City: Margaret Vanemburg, DL

    Independence, Charlotte: Audra Carter, CL

    Independence, Concord: Jaylyn Jefferson, CL

    Independence, Floral: Megan Lewis, CL

    Independence, Locust Grove: Annalise Cornett, CL

    Independence, Locust Grove: Riley Cornett, DL

    Independence, Newark: Caiden Chadwick, CL

    Independence, Newark: Jordan Barber, DL

    Independence, Newark: Dakota Lightsey, DL

    Independence, Newark: Laney Rider, DL

    Independence, Newark: Kylee Wood, DL

    Independence, Rosie: Haleigh Cummings, CL

    Independence, Rosie: Madison Hewitt Millikin, CL

    Independence, Rosie: Rance Wagoner, CL

    Independence, Rosie: Brooklyn Wolfe, CL

    Independence, Southside: Kori Denison, CL

    Independence, Southside: Jayden Garrett, CL

    Independence, Southside: Lisa Owen, CL

    Independence, Southside: Hanna Owens, CL

    Independence, Southside: Chandler Sisk, CL

    Independence, Southside: Dawn Staff, CL

    Independence, Southside: Austin Sweat, CL

    Independence, Southside: Jaden Berry, DL

    Independence, Southside: Jennifer Hill, DL

    Independence, Sulphur Rock: Aaron Conger, CL

    Independence, Sulphur Rock: Faith Duchanoy, CL

    Independence, Sulphur Rock: Connor Suttle, CL

    Independence, Sulphur Rock: Kailea Fagan, DL

    Izard, Guion: Megan Moxley, CL

    Izard, Horseshoe Bend: Colten Hypes, CL

    Izard, Horseshoe Bend: Jillian Dunegan, DL

    Izard, Melbourne: Alexander Bray, CL

    Izard, Melbourne: Alexander Hancock, CL

    Izard, Melbourne: Nola Rush, CL

    Izard, Melbourne: Addie Harris, DL

    Izard, Melbourne: Anna Kearbey, DL

    Izard, Mount Pleasant: Sarah Campbell, CL

    Izard, Mount Pleasant: Rachel Edwards, CL

    Izard, Mount Pleasant: Madison Barnett, DL

    Izard, Oxford: Rory Bell, CL

    Izard, Oxford: Fischer Miller, DL

    Izard, Pineville: Jaclyn Hamby, CL

    Izard, Pineville: Kenlee Killian, CL

    Izard, Pineville: Lisa James, DL

    Izard, Sage: Loretta Lyon, DL

    Izard, Violet Hill: Jennifer Brassfield, DL

    Izard, Wideman: Seth Stapleton, DL

    Jackson, Bradford: Amy Whitener, DL

    Jackson, Newport: Sanna Griffith, CL

    Jackson, Newport: Nicholas Sides, CL

    Jackson, Newport: Chelsi Smith, CL

    Jackson, Newport: Christina Smith, CL

    Jackson, Newport: Tabatha Steingrubey, CL

    Jackson, Newport: Alexis Bradley, DL

    Jackson, Newport: Aggie Dawson, DL

    Jackson, Newport: Chesney Dennis, DL

    Jackson, Newport: Madison Driver, DL

    Jackson, Newport: Nathan May, DL

    Jackson, Newport: Angela Wade, DL

    Jackson, Swifton: Sydney Smith, CL

    Jackson, Swifton: Zane Smith, CL

    Jackson, Swifton: Noah Roberson, DL

    Jackson, Tuckerman: Jennifer Critcher, CL

    Jackson, Tuckerman: Emily Hagood, CL

    Jackson, Tuckerman: Kaitlyn Peavy, CL

    Jackson, Tuckerman: Jennifer Bradley, DL

    Jackson, Tuckerman: Olivia French, DL

    Jackson, Tuckerman: Peyton Koller, DL

    Jefferson, Pine Bluff: Joel Rogers, DL

    Jefferson, Redfield: Hanna Stone, CL

    Jefferson, White Hall: Marlee Davis, CL

    Jefferson, White Hall: Rebecca Ballew, DL

    Jefferson, White Hall: Hayden Foster, DL

    Jefferson, White Hall: John Horton, DL

    Jefferson, White Hall: Kristen Lanni, DL

    Johnson, Clarksville: Christina Mize, DL

    Johnson, Hartman: Samantha Palmer, DL

    Lawrence, Black Rock: Paige Penn, CL

    Lawrence, Black Rock: Jessica Stevens, CL

    Lawrence, Black Rock: Morgan Treece, DL

    Lawrence, Hoxie: Sydney Dry, CL

    Lawrence, Hoxie: Derick Barnes, DL

    Lawrence, Hoxie: Chase Ervin, DL

    Lawrence, Imboden: Maddyson Lamb, CL

    Lawrence, Imboden: Kylee Crotts, DL

    Lawrence, Imboden: Lillian Foley, DL

    Lawrence, Imboden: Macy McCormic, DL

    Lawrence, Powhatan: Zachary Caspall, CL

    Lawrence, Ravenden: Hayden Dulgar, CL

    Lawrence, Ravenden: Kristen Laky, CL

    Lawrence, Smithville: Kory Mcintosh, CL

    Lawrence, Strawberry: Kellie Cooper, CL

    Lawrence, Strawberry: Staci McNaughton, CL

    Lawrence, Walnut Ridge: Paige Brewer, CL

    Lawrence, Walnut Ridge: Laurel Gaither, CL

    Lawrence, Walnut Ridge: Kelly Lee, CL

    Lawrence, Walnut Ridge: Macy Penn, CL

    Lawrence, Walnut Ridge: Jonathan Petty, CL

    Lawrence, Walnut Ridge: Megan Stephens, CL

    Lawrence, Walnut Ridge: Graham West, CL

    Lawrence, Walnut Ridge: Candis Winfrey, CL

    Lawrence, Walnut Ridge: Reygan Brothers, DL

    Lawrence, Walnut Ridge: Juliaann Fisher, DL

    Lawrence, Walnut Ridge: Mya Pinkston, DL

    Lawrence, Walnut Ridge: Zoe Treadaway, DL

    Lee, Hughes: Raven Pickett, CL

    Lee, Marianna: Maci Fisher, CL

    Lee, Marianna: Eden May, CL

    Lee, Marianna: Reed Middleton, CL

    Lee, Marianna: Shelby Russell, CL

    Lee, Marianna: Megan Shepherd, DL

    Lee, Palestine: Jasmine Baker, DL

    Lincoln, Grady: Carnecia Mays, DL

    Lincoln, Star City: Eli Edmonds, CL

    Lincoln, Star City: Laterriuna Hill, CL

    Lincoln, Star City: Mackenzie Poe, CL

    Lincoln, Star City: Ryan Davis, DL

    Lincoln, Star City: Katie Henley, DL

    Lincoln, Star City: Samuel Lane, DL

    Lincoln, Star City: Jaycee Merritt, DL

    Lincoln, Star City: Karley Spivey, DL

    Logan, Magazine: Jennifer Haney, DL

    Logan, Magazine: Emily Schulte, DL

    Lonoke, Austin: Kathryn Cason, CL

    Lonoke, Austin: Aileen Evans, CL

    Lonoke, Austin: Lolita Hackworth, CL

    Lonoke, Austin: Lori Hines, CL

    Lonoke, Austin: Victor Malone, CL

    Lonoke, Austin: Thomas Mcdonough, CL

    Lonoke, Austin: Landon Moses, CL

    Lonoke, Austin: Joshua Tacker, CL

    Lonoke, Austin: Jonah Tiner, CL

    Lonoke, Austin: Nathan Velek, CL

    Lonoke, Austin: Savanna Wilson, CL

    Lonoke, Austin: Fallon Backus, DL

    Lonoke, Austin: Hannah Horton, DL

    Lonoke, Austin: Makenzie Horton, DL

    Lonoke, Austin: Madison Jones, DL

    Lonoke, Austin: Mattison Juarez, DL

    Lonoke, Austin: George Mcdonough, DL

    Lonoke, Austin: Cooper Melder, DL

    Lonoke, Austin: Savannah Miller, DL

    Lonoke, Austin: Victoria Mooney, DL

    Lonoke, Austin: Hannah Scogin, DL

    Lonoke, Austin: Caitlyn White, DL

    Lonoke, Austin: Jessica Wilson, DL

    Lonoke, Austin: Taylor Zimmerman, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Noah Allgood, CL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Faith Ball, CL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Hayleigh Baugh, CL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Jacey Blackwell, CL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Gavin Brown, CL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Sydney Cook, CL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Diana Farrier, CL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Karaline Faught, CL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Mary Fodor, CL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Melanie Fortson, CL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Garrett Freeman, CL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Elizabeth Hofman, CL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Katrina Jenkins, CL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Kirsten Jones, CL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Katherine Kuykendall, CL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Amanda Leech, CL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Ashlyn Leonard, CL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Emilee Marshall, CL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Shawn Overton, CL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Rachel Patrom, CL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Kelly Schad, CL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Jared Whitman, CL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Molly Boroughs, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Marissa Brown, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Justin Carnes, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Lauren Castile, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Michelle Feltner, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Evan Ford, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Lyra Gibson, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Hailey Hawkins, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Ashley Huffman, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Jack Larson, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Caroline Latture, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Mason Laws, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Tyler Marston, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Justin Nabors, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Ronald Pierce III, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Madison Price, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Emily Sample, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Brodey Schluter, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Michael Shifflett, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Grayson Shirley, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Christina Smith, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Bailey Stamper, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Hannah Strong, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Jasmine Turnage, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Shelby Vincent, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Rebecca Williams, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Hayley Witt, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Haden Yancey, DL

    Lonoke, Cabot: Grayson Young, DL

    Lonoke, Carlisle: Catelyn Parker, CL

    Lonoke, Carlisle: Jana Tarter, CL

    Lonoke, Carlisle: Gracien Byrd, DL

    Lonoke, England: Logan Wilson, CL

    Lonoke, Humnoke: Blakely Ellis, CL

    Lonoke, Lonoke: Mikayla Curtis, CL

    Lonoke, Lonoke: Tess Monroe, CL

    Lonoke, Lonoke: Maria Ramirez, CL

    Lonoke, Lonoke: Conya Spencer, CL

    Lonoke, Lonoke: Taylor Carr, DL

    Lonoke, Lonoke: Jolynn Lorraine, DL

    Lonoke, Lonoke: Madison Pool, DL

    Lonoke, Lonoke: Nicholas Tate, DL

    Lonoke, Lonoke: Alexx Weaver, DL

    Lonoke, Scott: Christopher Mitchell, DL

    Lonoke, Scott: Shannon Stewart, DL

    Lonoke, Ward: Ann Covington, CL

    Lonoke, Ward: Alexandria Howard, CL

    Lonoke, Ward: Jason Mancuso, CL

    Lonoke, Ward: Jessica Pauley, CL

    Lonoke, Ward: Kourtney Perdue, CL

    Lonoke, Ward: Emily Roberson, CL

    Lonoke, Ward: Jessica Vaughn, CL

    Lonoke, Ward: Audrey Pounders, DL

    Lonoke, Ward: Hannah Provost, DL

    Lonoke, Ward: Bryson Woods, DL

    Madison, Huntsville: Emily Yates, CL

    Marion, Flippin: Kayelee Elliott, CL

    Marion, Flippin: Ericca Hopper, CL

    Marion, Flippin: Anita Jackson, CL

    Marion, Flippin: Brittany Woods, CL

    Marion, Peel: Peggy Preis, CL

    Marion, Yellville: Lakeshia Bruce, CL

    Marion, Yellville: Kimberly Gann, CL

    Marion, Yellville: Kelsie O’Meara, CL

    Marion, Yellville: Gavin Brown, DL

    Miller, Texarkana: Kelsi Petross, CL

    Miller, Texarkana: Alyssa Douglass, DL

    Miller, Texarkana: Brady Ives, DL

    Miller, Texarkana: Tyler Jeans, DL

    Mississippi, Blytheville: Mckinley Carr, CL

    Mississippi, Blytheville: Madison Ciepiela, CL

    Mississippi, Blytheville: Emma Haskins, CL

    Mississippi, Blytheville: Jacob Pruett, CL

    Mississippi, Blytheville: Joshua Pruett, CL

    Mississippi, Blytheville: Brody Bearden, DL

    Mississippi, Blytheville: Mackenzie Branscum, DL

    Mississippi, Blytheville: Jordan Buck, DL

    Mississippi, Blytheville: Cade Carlock, DL

    Mississippi, Blytheville: Mayson Carr, DL

    Mississippi, Blytheville: Alexis Cato, DL

    Mississippi, Blytheville: Aleece Chappelle, DL

    Mississippi, Blytheville: Chelsey Garris, DL

    Mississippi, Blytheville: Logan Gomer, DL

    Mississippi, Blytheville: Haley Grubbs, DL

    Mississippi, Blytheville: Alexander Holifield, DL

    Mississippi, Blytheville: Hannah Hopper, DL

    Mississippi, Blytheville: Charlee Hounihan, DL

    Mississippi, Blytheville: Abigail Kennedy, DL

    Mississippi, Blytheville: Madison Terrell, DL

    Mississippi, Dyess: Zachary Chastain, CL

    Mississippi, Dyess: Audrey Cochran, CL

    Mississippi, Dyess: Mary Fincher, CL

    Mississippi, Dyess: Whitney Fincher, CL

    Mississippi, Etowah: Jenna McCullar, DL

    Mississippi, Gosnell: Taylor Crane, CL

    Mississippi, Gosnell: Gabrielle Holifield, CL

    Mississippi, Gosnell: Jordan Holifield, DL

    Mississippi, Gosnell: Lindsay Holifield, DL

    Mississippi, Gosnell: Chad Wineland, DL

    Mississippi, Joiner: Landon Burrow, CL

    Mississippi, Keiser: Sydney Lane, CL

    Mississippi, Leachville: Meagan Love, CL

    Mississippi, Leachville: Rebecca Price, CL

    Mississippi, Leachville: Breanna Thacker, DL

    Mississippi, Leachville: Kyle Thrasher, DL

    Mississippi, Luxora: Connor Gray, DL

    Mississippi, Luxora: Lauren Stewart, DL

    Mississippi, Luxora: Warren S Thurman, DL

    Mississippi, Manila: Carlee Bird, CL

    Mississippi, Manila: Alissa DeLong, CL

    Mississippi, Manila: Drew Edwards, CL

    Mississippi, Manila: Erin Haverly, CL

    Mississippi, Manila: Hannah May, CL

    Mississippi, Manila: Madison Palmer, CL

    Mississippi, Manila: Gracyn Smith, CL

    Mississippi, Manila: Trenton Thomas, CL

    Mississippi, Manila: Jasmine  Lozano Garcia, DL

    Mississippi, Manila: Daley Belew, DL

    Mississippi, Manila: Anita Cole, DL

    Mississippi, Manila: McKenzie Owens, DL

    Mississippi, Manila: Kaitlyn Ruddick, DL

    Mississippi, Manila: Lauren Rush, DL

    Mississippi, Manila: Taylor Willis, DL

    Mississippi, Osceola: Victoria Beckett, DL

    Mississippi, Wilson: Mallory Goble, DL

    Mississippi, Wilson: Trevor Hart, DL

    Newton, Compton: Virginia Ballard, CL

    Ouachita, Camden: Teresa Allen, CL

    Ouachita, Camden: India Garcia, CL

    Ouachita, Camden: Alexis Bryant, DL

    Ouachita, Camden: Gabrielle Fife, DL

    Ouachita, Camden: Lakresha Holley, DL

    Ouachita, Camden: Kinley Vint, DL

    Perry, Perryville: Carolyn Kelley, CL

    Perry, Perryville: Bailey Blackmon, DL

    Phillips, Helena: Virginia Smith, DL

    Phillips, Lexa: Kayli Schwantz, DL

    Phillips, Marvell: Matthew Hall, CL

    Phillips, Marvell: Owen Bartlett, DL

    Phillips, Poplar Grove: Raeann Dunigan, DL

    Phillips, West Helena: Madison Kendrick, CL

    Phillips, West Helena: Mattison Davis, DL

    Pike, Amity: Allison Price, CL

    Pike, Delight: Sarah Chambers, CL

    Poinsett, Cherry Valley: Celia Robertson, CL

    Poinsett, Cherry Valley: Kara Lee, DL

    Poinsett, Fisher: Anna Chaplain, CL

    Poinsett, Fisher: Layne Shelley, CL

    Poinsett, Fisher: Montana Shelley, CL

    Poinsett, Fisher: Colton Bush, DL

    Poinsett, Harrisburg: Keely Curtis, CL

    Poinsett, Harrisburg: Lindy Faulkner, CL

    Poinsett, Harrisburg: Korey Graves, CL

    Poinsett, Harrisburg: Ethan Henry, CL

    Poinsett, Harrisburg: Meaghan Henry, CL

    Poinsett, Harrisburg: Anna Horton, CL

    Poinsett, Harrisburg: Kaygan Muse, CL

    Poinsett, Harrisburg: Emily Newcomb, CL

    Poinsett, Harrisburg: Anna Wallace, CL

    Poinsett, Harrisburg: Marcy Wallace, CL

    Poinsett, Harrisburg: Ansley Wixson, CL

    Poinsett, Harrisburg: Cassidy Armstrong, DL

    Poinsett, Harrisburg: Elliott Bender, DL

    Poinsett, Harrisburg: Walker Brown, DL

    Poinsett, Harrisburg: Sarah Duffy, DL

    Poinsett, Harrisburg: Jared Duncan, DL

    Poinsett, Harrisburg: Naomi Eskridge, DL

    Poinsett, Harrisburg: Mary Gardner, DL

    Poinsett, Harrisburg: Ashton Hendrix, DL

    Poinsett, Harrisburg: Connor Lowery, DL

    Poinsett, Harrisburg: Laura Rivera, DL

    Poinsett, Harrisburg: Sara Wallace, DL

    Poinsett, Harrisburg: Alyssa Wood, DL

    Poinsett, Lepanto: Leo Tapia Anguiano, CL

    Poinsett, Lepanto: Keragan Gordon, DL

    Poinsett, Marked Tree: Sarah Adams, CL

    Poinsett, Marked Tree: Kaylee Parrish, DL

    Poinsett, Marked Tree: Sarah Watson, DL

    Poinsett, Marked Tree: Cameron Willoughby, DL

    Poinsett, Trumann: Alecea Rathbun, CL

    Poinsett, Trumann: William Rigsby, CL

    Poinsett, Trumann: Cassidy Snyder, CL

    Poinsett, Trumann: Emma Turner, CL

    Poinsett, Trumann: Tanner Tyler, CL

    Poinsett, Trumann: Anna Bishop, DL

    Poinsett, Trumann: Joshua Bradley, DL

    Poinsett, Trumann: Jarred Carter, DL

    Poinsett, Trumann: Alexa Dillon, DL

    Poinsett, Trumann: Emily Fisher, DL

    Poinsett, Trumann: Destiny Jones, DL

    Poinsett, Trumann: Erica Morales, DL

    Poinsett, Trumann: Jana Morgan, DL

    Poinsett, Trumann: Alena Ovchinnikova, DL

    Poinsett, Trumann: Kaylee Smith, DL

    Poinsett, Trumann: Madison Stewart, DL

    Poinsett, Trumann: Jordan Taylor, DL

    Poinsett, Trumann: Jenny Walton, DL

    Poinsett, Tyronza: Taylor Blansett, DL

    Poinsett, Tyronza: Allison Fisher, DL

    Poinsett, Tyronza: Brittany Pharis, DL

    Poinsett, Waldenburg: Leslie Ortiz, DL

    Poinsett, Weiner: Somer Carter, CL

    Polk, Cove: Candance Arnold, DL

    Polk, Hatfield: Sarah Lynch, DL

    Polk, Mena: Ashten Bowser, CL

    Polk, Mena: Cassandra Hicks, CL

    Polk, Mena: Grace Wagner, DL

    Pope, Pottsville: Shannon Speer, DL

    Pope, Russellville: Rylie Bowman, CL

    Pope, Russellville: Ivan Rash, DL

    Prairie, Des Arc: Kayla Craig, CL

    Prairie, Des Arc: Lauren Mapps, DL

    Prairie, Des Arc: Lindsey Reidhar, DL

    Prairie, Des Arc: Meredith Reidhar, DL

    Prairie, Des Arc: Brittani Ripper, DL

    Prairie, DeValls Bluff: Brayden Williams, CL

    Prairie, Griffithville: Jacob Holloway, CL

    Prairie, Griffithville: Taylor Richards, DL

    Prairie, Hazen: Shelby Jo Hancock, DL

    Prairie, Hazen: Jessica Mulherin, DL

    Prairie, Hazen: Kade Perry, DL

    Pulaski, Alexander: Faith Briggs, DL

    Pulaski, Cammack Village: Jackson Dennis, CL

    Pulaski, Jacksonville: Cassidy Fontenot, CL

    Pulaski, Jacksonville: Morgan Hibbard-Gregg, CL

    Pulaski, Jacksonville: Juan Huerta, CL

    Pulaski, Jacksonville: Sierra Hurley, CL

    Pulaski, Jacksonville: Georgeta McGinty, CL

    Pulaski, Jacksonville: Grayce Oswalt, CL

    Pulaski, Jacksonville: Bailey Pendergrass, CL

    Pulaski, Jacksonville: Mark Whitledge, CL

    Pulaski, Jacksonville: Juliana Alcantara, DL

    Pulaski, Jacksonville: Rachel Dill, DL

    Pulaski, Jacksonville: Dominique Stewart, DL

    Pulaski, Jacksonville: Amie Thomas, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Benjamin Abraham, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Jessica Bayouth, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Landon Bonner, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Sophie Brandt, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Kendall Christian, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Derek Converse, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Olivia Craven, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Kyle Eberdt, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Ashley Evans, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Catherine Finne, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Mary Harkins, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Anna Hartness, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Lily Johnson, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Kathryn Kane, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Kinley Larmoyeux, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Madalyn Miller, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Emma Minden, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Grace Mitchell, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Jennifer Parr, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Ruth Quintero, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Evan Reynolds, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Darby Stotts, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Sarai Stubblefield, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Jacob Titsworth, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Rebekah Walker, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Starkisha Watkins, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Skylar West, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Kaylah Wills, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Lindsey Yarbrough, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Anna Young, CL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Philip Ball, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Grace Barnett, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Frances Bollinger, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Braci Bowlin, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Hannah Brockette, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Nicholas Delacerda, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Katie Dunn, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Jack Ezell, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Will Fason, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Blake Fleischmann, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Adrienne Goss, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Nelson Govia, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Bret Hall, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Sarah Hankins, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Alayna Harrington, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Aricka Henson, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Ashley Ivy, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Katie Little, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Asia Marshall, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Aamiyah McFadden, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Katherine McLaurin, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Lacie Meek, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Bradley Miller, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Haley Neighbors-Goodson, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Yeeun Park, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Lauryn Pendleton, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Aaliyah Porter, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Mohammad Raja, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Miles Richard, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Rachel Ridgeway, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Christopher Rowe, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Kevin Rua, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Daniel Smith, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Kennedy Stell, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Amy Stotts, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Cason Tollett, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Thomas Vaughan, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Benjamin Whitfield, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Sydnee Wilcoxon, DL

    Pulaski, Little Rock: Fred Wood, DL

    Pulaski, Mabelvale: Aubriauna Thomas, CL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: Abigail Bingenheimer, CL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: Kidist Brown, CL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: Luke Carden, CL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: Zachary Fry, CL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: John Galbraith, CL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: Sabrina Pierce, CL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: Kathryn Whitley, CL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: Beau Andrews, DL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: Alexa Chiolino, DL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: Kelly Chism, DL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: Austin Cook, DL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: Thomas Cornwell, DL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: Sarah Hines, DL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: Zoe McClain, DL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: Luke Mcmahan, DL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: Abigail Mock, DL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: Rylee Mosby, DL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: Collin Ralls, DL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: Avani Reynolds, DL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: Perri Reynolds, DL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: Jackson Richmond, DL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: Camryn Roberts, DL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: Anna Strack, DL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: Lindsey Waters, DL

    Pulaski, Maumelle: Mackenzie Whitehead, DL

    Pulaski, North Little Rock: Rhagan Gabriel, CL

    Pulaski, North Little Rock: Cole Gilliam, CL

    Pulaski, North Little Rock: Megan Gray, CL

    Pulaski, North Little Rock: Emma Harris, CL

    Pulaski, North Little Rock: Anna Mcmillian, CL

    Pulaski, North Little Rock: Larrie Nation, CL

    Pulaski, North Little Rock: Bailee Shirley, CL

    Pulaski, North Little Rock: Brooke Smothers, CL

    Pulaski, North Little Rock: Claire Vest, CL

    Pulaski, North Little Rock: Abbey Wooten, CL

    Pulaski, North Little Rock: Hayden Althoff, DL

    Pulaski, North Little Rock: Rhea Boone, DL

    Pulaski, North Little Rock: Hunter Cameron, DL

    Pulaski, North Little Rock: Maggie Culp, DL

    Pulaski, North Little Rock: Cidney Davis, DL

    Pulaski, North Little Rock: Madison Dixon, DL

    Pulaski, North Little Rock: Benjamin Hall, DL

    Pulaski, North Little Rock: Asia Hervey, DL

    Pulaski, North Little Rock: Raven Jackson, DL

    Pulaski, North Little Rock: Mathew Pruss, DL

    Pulaski, North Little Rock: Phillip Stanley, DL

    Pulaski, North Little Rock: Jacob Strawn, DL

    Pulaski, Roland: Caleb Morrison, CL

    Pulaski, Roland: Caroline Parkinson, CL

    Pulaski, Roland: Blake White, DL

    Pulaski, Sherwood: Alison Allgood, CL

    Pulaski, Sherwood: Marti Boren, CL

    Pulaski, Sherwood: Nicole Dave, CL

    Pulaski, Sherwood: Kailey Fuller, CL

    Pulaski, Sherwood: Zachary Garrison, CL

    Pulaski, Sherwood: Shanelle Jordan, CL

    Pulaski, Sherwood: Katie Moran, CL

    Pulaski, Sherwood: Maria Posadas Menjivar, CL

    Pulaski, Sherwood: Haylee Price, CL

    Pulaski, Sherwood: Sonia Walker, CL

    Pulaski, Sherwood: Carson White, CL

    Pulaski, Sherwood: William Barker, DL

    Pulaski, Sherwood: Brandon Bates, DL

    Pulaski, Sherwood: Rylee Boles, DL

    Pulaski, Sherwood: Miranda Chambers, DL

    Pulaski, Sherwood: Aidan Hughes, DL

    Pulaski, Sherwood: Kayla Johnson, DL

    Pulaski, Sherwood: Jacob Keene, DL

    Pulaski, Sherwood: Chance Nelson, DL

    Pulaski, Sherwood: Tucker Price, DL

    Pulaski, Sherwood: Kerrianna Robinson, DL

    Pulaski, Sherwood: Christopher Sanders, DL

    Pulaski, Sherwood: Connor Young, DL

    Randolph, Biggers: Elizabeth Bradley, DL

    Randolph, Biggers: Alyson Edington, DL

    Randolph, Pocahontas: Faith Banks, CL

    Randolph, Pocahontas: Allie Barnes, CL

    Randolph, Pocahontas: Hannah Carter, CL

    Randolph, Pocahontas: Dawson Chester, CL

    Randolph, Pocahontas: Catherine Couch, CL

    Randolph, Pocahontas: Gage Guthrie, CL

    Randolph, Pocahontas: Bryn Mcdonnough, CL

    Randolph, Pocahontas: Kiri McMann, CL

    Randolph, Pocahontas: Josslynn Thompson, CL

    Randolph, Pocahontas: DeAnna Walker, CL

    Randolph, Pocahontas: Ryan Baltz, DL

    Randolph, Pocahontas: Kelley Fiesser, DL

    Randolph, Pocahontas: Lindsey Gazaway, DL

    Randolph, Pocahontas: Juliana Griffith, DL

    Randolph, Pocahontas: Emma Hoggard, DL

    Randolph, Pocahontas: Abigail Kingery, DL

    Randolph, Pocahontas: Haley Quest, DL

    Randolph, Pocahontas: Rebecca Rakoczy, DL

    Randolph, Ravenden Springs: Taylor Donner, CL

    Randolph, Ravenden Springs: Sarah Wikowsky, CL

    Randolph, Reyno: Chandler Conyers, DL

    Saint Francis, Colt: Zadie Coats, CL

    Saint Francis, Colt: Jedidiah Haynes, DL

    Saint Francis, Forrest City: Emily Abbott, CL

    Saint Francis, Forrest City: Justin Rains, CL

    Saint Francis, Forrest City: Sarah Rendon, CL

    Saint Francis, Forrest City: Bobbie Allen, DL

    Saint Francis, Forrest City: Yasmine Aly, DL

    Saint Francis, Forrest City: Jaynee-Claire Hill, DL

    Saint Francis, Forrest City: Matthew Hill, DL

    Saint Francis, Forrest City: Diamondnique Lacy, DL

    Saint Francis, Forrest City: Mary Milton, DL

    Saint Francis, Forrest City: Karlie South, DL

    Saint Francis, Heth: Marlana Deese, CL

    Saint Francis, Hughes: Jayna Harris, CL

    Saint Francis, Madison: Brihanna Ware, CL

    Saint Francis, Palestine: Hunter Hodges, CL

    Saint Francis, Palestine: Tyler Guthrie, DL

    Saint Francis, Palestine: Jessica Vance, DL

    Saint Francis, Wheatley: Ashtyn Clifton, CL

    Saint Francis, Wheatley: Mary Foster, CL

    Saint Francis, Wheatley: Ashlyn Mclain, CL

    Saint Francis, Wheatley: Dace Lee, DL

    Saline, Alexander: Cameron Rhoden, CL

    Saline, Alexander: Christopher Fuller, DL

    Saline, Alexander: Morgan Gray, DL

    Saline, Alexander: Noah Hill, DL

    Saline, Alexander: Ethan Saffle, DL

    Saline, Bauxite: Keelin Fullen, CL

    Saline, Benton: Molly Anderson, CL

    Saline, Benton: Adrianna Baber, CL

    Saline, Benton: Beau Belcher, CL

    Saline, Benton: Maddox Bell, CL

    Saline, Benton: Kathryn Cook, CL

    Saline, Benton: Autumn Davila, CL

    Saline, Benton: Kaitlynn Garrett, CL

    Saline, Benton: Jared Hastings, CL

    Saline, Benton: Annie Hicks, CL

    Saline, Benton: Jana Jacobs, CL

    Saline, Benton: Macey Jones, CL

    Saline, Benton: Kaleigh Little, CL

    Saline, Benton: Haley Maxwell, CL

    Saline, Benton: Lauren Nelson, CL

    Saline, Benton: Mason Rhodes, CL

    Saline, Benton: Baylee Rowton, CL

    Saline, Benton: Austin Schroeder, CL

    Saline, Benton: Lindsey Storey, CL

    Saline, Benton: Katherine Terry, CL

    Saline, Benton: Brandon Torres, CL

    Saline, Benton: Madison Williams, CL

    Saline, Benton: Johnathon Ashcraft, DL

    Saline, Benton: Reagan Bingaman, DL

    Saline, Benton: Alexandria Bozeman, DL

    Saline, Benton: Christian Brashears, DL

    Saline, Benton: Kristen Byrd, DL

    Saline, Benton: Kara Campbell, DL

    Saline, Benton: Megan Clay, DL

    Saline, Benton: Skyla Conger, DL

    Saline, Benton: Ashley Davis, DL

    Saline, Benton: Caitlin Ginther, DL

    Saline, Benton: Isabella Haley, DL

    Saline, Benton: Timothy Haney, DL

    Saline, Benton: Lacy Jumper, DL

    Saline, Benton: Carrington Koper, DL

    Saline, Benton: Ashleigh Mann, DL

    Saline, Benton: Kirsten McCormick, DL

    Saline, Benton: Baylor McElhaney, DL

    Saline, Benton: Cody O’Bryan, DL

    Saline, Benton: Faith Ochoa, DL

    Saline, Benton: Kaitlyn Roberts, DL

    Saline, Benton: Barton Stapleton, DL

    Saline, Benton: Lydia Wilson, DL

    Saline, Benton: Taylor Wilson, DL

    Saline, Benton: Lauren Witherspoon, DL

    Saline, Bryant: Rosemary Adams, CL

    Saline, Bryant: Jared Allinson, CL

    Saline, Bryant: Madison Betz, CL

    Saline, Bryant: Austin Hampton, CL

    Saline, Bryant: Rachael Wehrle, CL

    Saline, Bryant: Bryce Wilkerson, CL

    Saline, Bryant: John Dellorto, DL

    Saline, Bryant: Ainsley Hart, DL

    Saline, Bryant: Jessica McMillan, DL

    Saline, Bryant: Sarah Palmer, DL

    Saline, Bryant: Abigail Reed, DL

    Saline, Bryant: Stephen Snow, DL

    Saline, Bryant: Khushi Uppal, DL

    Saline, Bryant: Rori Whittaker, DL

    Saline, Hensley: Grant Dawson, CL

    Saline, Hensley: Olivia Galyean, CL

    Saline, Hensley: Ellie Mayberry, CL

    Saline, Hensley: Kamryn Alkire, DL

    Saline, Hensley: Scarlett Culpepper, DL

    Saline, Hensley: Abygale Holderfield, DL

    Saline, Hensley: Alexis Kidd, DL

    Saline, Hot Springs Village: Joshua Featherston, DL

    Saline, Mabelvale: Micayla Mcgowen, CL

    Saline, Mabelvale: Cleo Morris, CL

    Saline, Mabelvale: Ethan Christmas, DL

    Sebastian, Fort Smith: Matthew Beachy, CL

    Sebastian, Fort Smith: Aiyana Dawson, CL

    Sebastian, Fort Smith: Britney Harrison, CL

    Sebastian, Fort Smith: Clayton Allen, DL

    Sebastian, Fort Smith: Christy Brooks, DL

    Sebastian, Fort Smith: Hunter Moreton, DL

    Sharp, Ash Flat: Alexis Himschoot, CL

    Sharp, Ash Flat: Noah Wright, CL

    Sharp, Cave City: Tyler Booth, CL

    Sharp, Cave City: Kaylynn Wells, CL

    Sharp, Cave City: Ralynnda March, DL

    Sharp, Cave City: Hannah Wojcik, DL

    Sharp, Cherokee Village: Caitlan Boyce, CL

    Sharp, Cherokee Village: Keylee Circle, DL

    Sharp, Cherokee Village: Aliyah Durham, DL

    Sharp, Cherokee Village: Elizabeth Holloway, DL

    Sharp, Cherokee Village: Jeannette Strano, DL

    Sharp, Evening Shade: Colby Hopkins, DL

    Sharp, Hardy: Emily Evans, DL

    Sharp, Hardy: Megan Jared, DL

    Sharp, Hardy: Brittany Todd, DL

    Sharp, Highland: Harrison Bruner, CL

    Sharp, Poughkeepsie: Brittany Kunkel, CL

    Sharp, Poughkeepsie: Clayton Willis, CL

    Stone, Big Flat: Kaytelynn Buazard, DL

    Stone, Mountain View: Elizabeth Mizell, DL

    Stone, Mountain View: Robert Soger, DL

    Union, El Dorado: Sara Middleton, CL

    Van Buren, Bee Branch: Carson Bush, CL

    Van Buren, Clinton: Robert Williams, CL

    Van Buren, Damascus: Sara Speights, CL

    Van Buren, Fairfield Bay: Trista Doty, DL

    Washington, Farmington: Rebekah Person, DL

    Washington, Fayetteville: Kendall Christian, CL

    Washington, Fayetteville: Maya Lechtenberger, CL

    Washington, Fayetteville: Hanna Meadors, CL

    Washington, Fayetteville: Kathy Khan, DL

    Washington, Fayetteville: Kassy Samples, DL

    Washington, Fayetteville: Bailey Sexton, DL

    Washington, Lincoln: Mackenzie Wilhite, DL

    Washington, Springdale: Whitney Altemeier, CL

    Washington, Springdale: Ashley Miller, CL

    Washington, Springdale: Tywanna Mosley, CL

    Washington, Tontitown: Chase Bowman, DL

    Washington, West Fork: Darcy Meredith, CL

    White, Bald Knob: Rylee Curd, CL

    White, Bald Knob: Jeremiah Hendrix, CL

    White, Bald Knob: Brooklyn Pearrow, CL

    White, Bald Knob: Madison Piker, CL

    White, Bald Knob: Macy Walker, CL

    White, Bald Knob: Angel Wright, CL

    White, Bald Knob: Lane Clay, DL

    White, Bald Knob: Luke Shafer, DL

    White, Bald Knob: Riley Sisson, DL

    White, Beebe: Bobbie Bittle, CL

    White, Beebe: Tesla Childers, CL

    White, Beebe: Natalie Childress, CL

    White, Beebe: Teighlor Farmer, CL

    White, Beebe: Christiana Knapp, CL

    White, Beebe: Carson Moore, CL

    White, Beebe: Hayley Murry, CL

    White, Beebe: Jennifer Newman, CL

    White, Beebe: Rachel Rudd, CL

    White, Beebe: Latoya Simpson, CL

    White, Beebe: Maleiyah Smith, CL

    White, Beebe: Robert Smith, CL

    White, Beebe: Brooke Spinnato, CL

    White, Beebe: Christian Huggins, DL

    White, Beebe: Abby Moore, DL

    White, Beebe: Christina Reed, DL

    White, Beebe: Robyne Richards, DL

    White, Beebe: Brooklyn Russell, DL

    White, Beebe: Riley Swafford, DL

    White, Bradford: Alexis Mcknight, CL

    White, El Paso: Lindsey Woodham, CL

    White, El Paso: Will Reaves, DL

    White, Judsonia: Sarah Chasteen, CL

    White, Judsonia: Zion Loyd, CL

    White, Judsonia: Tiffany Wallace, CL

    White, Judsonia: Jadyan Watson, CL

    White, Judsonia: Laura Gower, DL

    White, Judsonia: Danny Hardin, DL

    White, Judsonia: Trace Jones, DL

    White, Judsonia: Alexia Louks, DL

    White, Judsonia: Kristan McDonald, DL

    White, Judsonia: Sydney Mcgill, DL

    White, Judsonia: Jennifer Miller, DL

    White, Judsonia: Courtney Mohr, DL

    White, Judsonia: Lauren Ridings, DL

    White, Judsonia: Emilee Thomason, DL

    White, McRae: Isabella Davis, CL

    White, McRae: Savanna Harvey, CL

    White, McRae: Landon Valdez, CL

    White, McRae: Victoria Brown, DL

    White, Mount Vernon: Jacey Davis, CL

    White, Mount Vernon: Kristina Dovers, CL

    White, Mount Vernon: Brandy Robertson, DL

    White, Pangburn: Caleb Adams, DL

    White, Rose Bud: Dallas Pallone, CL

    White, Rose Bud: Mallory Snider, CL

    White, Rose Bud: Devanee Ray, DL

    White, Searcy: Brady Black, CL

    White, Searcy: Lauren Douell, CL

    White, Searcy: Avery Jones, CL

    White, Searcy: Dallas Loftis, CL

    White, Searcy: Sarah Mccammon, CL

    White, Searcy: Madelyn Mcminn, CL

    White, Searcy: Bradley Morris, CL

    White, Searcy: Henry Nguyen, CL

    White, Searcy: Jessica Rhoades, CL

    White, Searcy: Megan Six, CL

    White, Searcy: Taylor Sledge, CL

    White, Searcy: Laura Smith, CL

    White, Searcy: Cameron Stalnaker, CL

    White, Searcy: Courtney Vaughn, CL

    White, Searcy: Whitney Warden, CL

    White, Searcy: Carson Badger, DL

    White, Searcy: Anna Beach, DL

    White, Searcy: Seth Beach, DL

    White, Searcy: Sean Crain, DL

    White, Searcy: Erica Dexter, DL

    White, Searcy: Gabriel Duncan, DL

    White, Searcy: Hannah Garringer, DL

    White, Searcy: Michel Hamby, DL

    White, Searcy: Jamie Jackson, DL

    White, Searcy: Jasmine Jones, DL

    White, Searcy: Caleb Lawson, DL

    White, Searcy: Harlee Novak, DL

    White, Searcy: Emily Provence, DL

    White, Searcy: Sophia Seger, DL

    White, Searcy: Aleigha Smith, DL

    White, Searcy: Kandis Smith, DL

    White, Searcy: Ashley Watson, DL

    White, Searcy: Haley Wood, DL

    Woodruff, Des Arc: Anna Holloway, CL

    Woodruff, Des Arc: Alysa Fields, DL

    Woodruff, McCrory: Cara Bowling, CL

    Woodruff, McCrory: Alex Oshields, CL

    Woodruff, McCrory: Madison Reeves, CL

    Woodruff, McCrory: Kynley Dozier, DL

    Woodruff, McCrory: Meredith Kennon, DL

    Woodruff, McCrory: Jericho Smith, DL

    Woodruff, Patterson: Bryson Leonard, DL


    AL, Baldwin, Daphne: Ambria Mullins, DL

    AL, Madison, Hazel Green: Madalyn Jennings, CL

    AZ, Maricopa, Chandler: Jack Bullard, CL

    AZ, Yavapai, Sedona: Yeseeiri Guzman Moya, CL

    CA, Contra Costa, Concord: Derek Yoav Perez Rojas, DL

    CA, Los Angeles, Bell: Alisson Alejandra Hernandez Saavedra, CL

    CA, Los Angeles, Santa Clarita: Laura Jardine, CL

    CA, Riverside, Corona: Elisa Huerta, CL

    CA, Riverside, Norco: Robert Virgil, CL

    CA, San Bernardino, Pinon Hills: Elizabeth Martin, DL

    CA, San Bernardino, Wrightwood: McKenzie Cornell, CL

    CO, Larimer, Loveland: Logan Simington, DL

    CT, Hartford, West Hartford: Anni Vaughan, CL

    CT, New London, Quaker Hill: Kaliegh Garris, CL

    FL, Broward, Davie: Shai Kochav, CL

    FL, Broward, Davie: Casey Sommer, CL

    FL, Broward, Tamarac: Jared Tobar, DL

    FL, Duval, Jacksonville: Kyle Martin, CL

    FL, Hillsborough, Tampa: Jacob Enns, CL

    FL, Lee, Bonita Spgs: Jonathan Trejo Martinez, DL

    FL, Miami-Dade, Miami: Rebecca Alexandra Lococo Camargo, DL

    FL, Orange, Apopka: Ellieny Farelas Bello, DL

    FL, Orange, Orlando: Maximilliano Wang, DL

    FL, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach: Nicolas Tingling, DL

    FL, Saint Johns, Ponte Vedra: Macrae Taylor, CL

    FL, Santa Rosa, Milton: Mary Schultz, CL

    GA, Bartow, Cartersville: Emily Surcey, CL

    GA, Cherokee, Canton: Danielle Johnson, DL

    GA, Cobb, Marietta: Kelly Flores Alcantara, DL

    GA, Forsyth, Cumming: Patrick Evans, DL

    GA, Gwinnett, Loganville: Yao Carr, DL

    HI, Honolulu, Aiea: Amanda Mckenzie, DL

    HI, Honolulu, Wahiawa: Emily Fleischer, CL

    IA, Polk, Ankeny: Lane Pruisner, DL

    IA, Scott, Davenport: Erin Nicholas, DL

    ID, Ada, Boise: Leyandra Snyder, CL

    IL, Cass, Virginia: Samantha Reynolds, CL

    IL, Cook, Elk Grove Village: Rachel Kutella, CL

    IL, Cook, Evergreen Park: Isabelle Haun, CL

    IL, Dupage, Naperville: Sheila Sutfin, CL

    IL, Grundy, Morris: Vivian Alford, CL

    IL, Kane, Gilberts: Sophia Oury, DL

    IL, Madison, Glen Carbon: Lauren Byrd, CL

    IL, Madison, Highland: Karlie Hooton, CL

    IL, Madison, Maryville: Amber Keplar, DL

    IL, Massac, Metropolis: Nathaniel Wetzel, CL

    IL, Monroe, Waterloo: Samantha Bailey, CL

    IL, Peoria, Chillicothe: Owen Habeger, DL

    IL, Saint Clair, Millstadt: Sydney Stauffer, CL

    IL, Saint Clair, O Fallon: Hannah Stark, CL

    IL, Saint Clair, Swansea: Darius Warren, DL

    IL, Sangamon, Spaulding: Brooke Goldhammer, CL

    IN, Bartholomew, Clifford: Kaitlynn Everroad, CL

    IN, Elkhart, Middlebury: Rachel Bontrager, CL

    IN, Floyd, Greenville: Madison Allgeier, DL

    KS, Chautauqua, Niotaze: Owen Leible, DL

    KS, Geary, Fort Riley: Arin Jones, DL

    KS, Harper, Anthony: Ryan Ahmad, CL

    KS, Johnson, Lenexa: Kyra Halvorsen, CL

    KS, Johnson, Shawnee: Kyle Kelly, CL

    KS, Sedgwick, Derby: Chase Worley, CL

    KS, Sedgwick, Goddard: Alyssa Nelson, CL

    KS, Wyandotte, Kansas City: Brianna Castleberry, DL

    LA, Caddo, Rodessa: Mia Hamilton, CL

    LA, Caddo, Shreveport: Kiayra Ellis, DL

    LA, Lafayette, Lafayette: Jennifer Skipper, CL

    MA, Middlesex, Lowell: Brian Mak, CL

    MI, Saint Clair, Lakeport: Avery Shell, DL

    MO, Butler, Harviell: Shay Amoss, DL

    MO, Butler, Harviell: Natalie Flanigan, DL

    MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff: Victoria Blackman, CL

    MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff: Whitney DeShaney, CL

    MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff: Elizabeth Gill, CL

    MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff: Savannah Hicks, CL

    MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff: Katherine Pattillo, CL

    MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff: Veronica Rivetti, CL

    MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff: Sarah Sullivan, CL

    MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff: Harrison Warren, CL

    MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff: Cody Daughertee, DL

    MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff: Calli Gerber, DL

    MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff: Erin Inman, DL

    MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff: Sydney Knapp, DL

    MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff: Danni Raymer, DL

    MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff: Michael Ward, DL

    MO, Butler, Poplar Bluff: Mallory Weitzel, DL

    MO, Butler, Qulin: Bryan Leutert, DL

    MO, Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau: Anna Branson, CL

    MO, Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau: Ellie Foote, CL

    MO, Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau: Ann Long, CL

    MO, Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau: Mary Dirnberger, DL

    MO, Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau: Haley Morris, DL

    MO, Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau: Lynsey Powers, DL

    MO, Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau: Jayna Timpe, DL

    MO, Cape Girardeau, Jackson: Ivy Guilliams, CL

    MO, Cape Girardeau, Jackson: Taylor Nugent, CL

    MO, Cape Girardeau, Jackson: Molly Parker, CL

    MO, Cape Girardeau, Jackson: Macie Borgfield, DL

    MO, Cape Girardeau, Jackson: Tyler Moran, DL

    MO, Carter, Van Buren: Michael Joseph, CL

    MO, Christian, Ozark: Kayla Lindsey, CL

    MO, Dunklin, Arbyrd: Crystal Garcia, CL

    MO, Dunklin, Campbell: Hannah Farmer, CL

    MO, Dunklin, Campbell: Haley Brimingham, DL

    MO, Dunklin, Campbell: Emily Peters, DL

    MO, Dunklin, Hornersville: Melena Green, DL

    MO, Dunklin, Kennett: Olivia Daniels, CL

    MO, Dunklin, Kennett: Garrett Doherty, CL

    MO, Dunklin, Kennett: Meg Mobley, CL

    MO, Dunklin, Kennett: Catherine Bradley, DL

    MO, Dunklin, Kennett: Addison Burke, DL

    MO, Dunklin, Kennett: Analeese Grisham, DL

    MO, Dunklin, Kennett: Andrew Hindmon, DL

    MO, Dunklin, Kennett: McKinley Isenhour, DL

    MO, Dunklin, Kennett: Hunter Mcneely, DL

    MO, Dunklin, Kennett: Madalynn Nigut, DL

    MO, Dunklin, Kennett: Meagan Pickens, DL

    MO, Dunklin, Kennett: Abigail Sloan, DL

    MO, Dunklin, Kennett: Camille Thomas, DL

    MO, Dunklin, Malden: Anna Belcher, CL

    MO, Dunklin, Malden: Hannah Brown, CL

    MO, Dunklin, Malden: Allyx Pfeifer, CL

    MO, Dunklin, Malden: Julie Lancaster, DL

    MO, Dunklin, Senath: Jacob Anderson, CL

    MO, Dunklin, Senath: Austin Brock, CL

    MO, Dunklin, Senath: Karen Reyes, DL

    MO, Howell, Caulfield: Kody Smith, CL

    MO, Howell, West Plains: Ramsey Brower, CL

    MO, Howell, West Plains: Aubrey Craig, CL

    MO, Howell, West Plains: Tiffany Driver, CL

    MO, Howell, West Plains: Jolee Laughary, CL

    MO, Howell, Willow Springs: Morgan Hogsett, CL

    MO, Jackson, Blue Springs: Katherine Willis, DL

    MO, Jefferson, High Ridge: Olivia Smith, DL

    MO, Jefferson, Imperial: Blakeli Holdenried, CL

    MO, Jefferson, Imperial: Savannah Boulicault, DL

    MO, Jefferson, Pevely: Emma Grimshaw, CL

    MO, Jefferson, Pevely: Seth Ervin, DL

    MO, Madison, Fredericktown: Olivia Ebert, CL

    MO, Mississippi, Anniston: Hannah Miller, DL

    MO, Mississippi, Bertrand: Emily Peters, DL

    MO, Mississippi, Charleston: Tiffany Caldwell, DL

    MO, Mississippi, Charleston: Ryleigh Ray, DL

    MO, Mississippi, East Prairie: Caroline Curtwright, DL

    MO, New Madrid, Lilbourn: Zachary Lancaster, CL

    MO, New Madrid, Parma: Kyra Nelson, CL

    MO, New Madrid, Portageville: Haylie Hammack, CL

    MO, New Madrid, Portageville: Maggie Frakes, DL

    MO, New Madrid, Portageville: Elexia Harrington, DL

    MO, New Madrid, Portageville: Amie Miller, DL

    MO, New Madrid, Portageville: Molly Staffey, DL

    MO, New Madrid, Risco: Morgan Ludwig, DL

    MO, Oregon, Alton: Baylee Sisco, DL

    MO, Oregon, Myrtle: Taylor Emberton, DL

    MO, Oregon, Thayer: Jurnee Rolen, CL

    MO, Oregon, Thayer: Carlie Dennis, DL

    MO, Oregon, Thayer: Brittany Hirsch, DL

    MO, Oregon, Thayer: Braden Hufstedler, DL

    MO, Ozark, Caulfield: Taylor Trail, DL

    MO, Ozark, Gainesville: Kristi Bassham, CL

    MO, Ozark, Gainesville: Lauren Suter, CL

    MO, Ozark, Gainesville: Misty Lonon-Walrath, DL

    MO, Pemiscot, Caruthersville: Mallory Faulkner, CL

    MO, Pemiscot, Caruthersville: Clarissa Ibarra, DL

    MO, Pemiscot, Gideon: Jeffrey Lindsey, DL

    MO, Pemiscot, Hayti: Grace Lannie, CL

    MO, Pemiscot, Hayti: Noah Staggs, CL

    MO, Pemiscot, Hayti: Kelsey Stevens, DL

    MO, Pemiscot, Steele: Grace Nelson, CL

    MO, Pemiscot, Steele: Briley Bomar, DL

    MO, Pemiscot, Steele: Ashley Peters, DL

    MO, Platte, Kansas City: Easton John, DL

    MO, Ripley, Doniphan: Chailland Aaron, DL

    MO, Ripley, Doniphan: Adyson Jones, DL

    MO, Ripley, Doniphan: Alexis Mandry, DL

    MO, Saint Charles, Foristell: Emily Crews, DL

    MO, Saint Charles, O’Fallon: Hannah Schomburg, CL

    MO, Saint Charles, Saint Charles: Lauren Beauchamp, CL

    MO, Saint Charles, Saint Charles: Jacob Koehler, CL

    MO, Saint Charles, Saint Charles: Sydney Koehler, DL

    MO, Saint Charles, Saint Charles: Lauren Shah, DL

    MO, Saint Louis, Ballwin: Rebecca Zaber, DL

    MO, Saint Louis, Fenton: Lexi Hamburg, CL

    MO, Saint Louis, Manchester: Sarah Sodoma, CL

    MO, Saint Louis, Saint Louis: Abigail Miller, CL

    MO, Saint Louis, Wildwood: Ansley Alphin, CL

    MO, Saint Louis, Wildwood: Hailey Hicks, CL

    MO, Sainte Genevieve, Bloomsdale: Maci Reynolds, CL

    MO, Sainte Genevieve, Saint Mary: Jadyn Leclere, DL

    MO, Scott, Chaffee: Baylee Kern, CL

    MO, Scott, Commerce: Allyson Garner, CL

    MO, Scott, Scott City: Sydney Lewis, DL

    MO, Scott, Sikeston: Seth Copeland, DL

    MO, Scott, Sikeston: Audra McMillen, DL

    MO, Shannon, Birch Tree: Shelby Thacker, CL

    MO, Stoddard, Advance: Leah Ballin, DL

    MO, Stoddard, Bernie: Katelyn Pulliam, DL

    MO, Stoddard, Bloomfield: Rylee Allen, DL

    MO, Stoddard, Bloomfield: Silas Weinert-Palomino, DL

    MO, Stoddard, Dexter: Katie Cecil, CL

    MO, Stoddard, Dexter: Logan Mayberry, CL

    MO, Stoddard, Dexter: Nicole Roper, CL

    MO, Stoddard, Dexter: Jaden Cato, DL

    MO, Stoddard, Dexter: Kaley Roper, DL

    MO, Washington, Bonne Terre: Alec Black, DL

    MO, Wayne, Piedmont: Rachel Rowold, CL

    MO, Wayne, Piedmont: Elizabeth England, DL

    MS, Desoto, Hernando: Faith Tatum, DL

    MS, Desoto, Nesbit: Brad Waldrip, CL

    MS, Desoto, Olive Branch: Omari Buford, CL

    MS, Desoto, Olive Branch: Jacob Frey, CL

    MS, Desoto, Olive Branch: Audrey Alpha, DL

    MS, Desoto, Olive Branch: Kayla Brown, DL

    MS, Desoto, Olive Branch: Candace Burton, DL

    MS, Desoto, Olive Branch: Andrea Morrow, DL

    MS, Desoto, Olive Branch: Latoya Stephen, DL

    MS, Desoto, Southaven: Emily Mitchell, CL

    MS, Desoto, Southaven: Charlotte Mobley, CL

    MS, Desoto, Southaven: Lauren Treglown, CL

    MS, Desoto, Southaven: Madison Williams, CL

    MS, Desoto, Southaven: Morgan Anderson, DL

    MS, Desoto, Southaven: Keambre Sharkey, DL

    MS, Desoto, Southaven: Logan Smith, DL

    MS, Desoto, Southaven: Nancy Wright, DL

    MS, Hancock, Diamondhead: Aaron Jones, CL

    MS, Jasper, Paulding: Kierra Ellis, CL

    MS, Jones, Ellisville: Amanda Mills, CL

    MS, Lafayette, Oxford: Hannah Asmus, DL

    MS, Lowndes, Columbus: Delonte Coleman, CL

    MS, Sunflower, Doddsville: Shanika Brown-Ware, DL

    MS, Washington, Greenville: Allison Duthu, DL

    NC, Buncombe, Leicester: Jacob Clontz, CL

    NC, Mecklenburg, Charlotte: Victoria Karena Awuletey, DL

    NC, Onslow, Jacksonville: Camryn O’Conner, DL

    NC, Wake, Raleigh: Emma Stull, CL

    NJ, Somerset, Watchung: Bradley Jelmert, CL

    NV, Clark, Henderson: Roxane Blondet-Paonessa, DL

    NY, Queens, Long Island City: Hee Jang, DL

    NY, Saratoga, Stillwater: Keelyn Peacock, DL

    OH, Stark, Canton: William Richards, DL

    OK, Adair, Westville: Gabrielle Guthrie, CL

    OK, Canadian, Yukon: Mai Thy Quach, CL

    OK, Cleveland, Norman: Corey Goshe, DL

    OK, Creek, Sapulpa: Jade Upshaw, DL

    OK, Le Flore, Poteau: Benjamin Klutts, DL

    OK, Oklahoma, Edmond: Olivia Schmidt, DL

    OK, Payne, Stillwater: Maria Bollinger, DL

    OK, Tulsa, Sand Springs: Jordan Springwater, DL

    OR, Multnomah, Portland: Paloma Herrera, CL

    PA, Delaware, Upper Darby: Qristoffer Young, DL

    PA, Montgomery, Norristown: Jonae Cook, CL

    TN, Crockett, Alamo: Kailey Welton-Deckard, CL

    TN, Dyer, Dyersburg: Sydney Lee, CL

    TN, Dyer, Dyersburg: Ashley Pugh, DL

    TN, Dyer, Dyersburg: Jalisa Taylor, DL

    TN, Dyer, Halls: Emily Escue, CL

    TN, Dyer, Newbern: Gracie McVay, DL

    TN, Fayette, Eads: Alyssa Cohn, DL

    TN, Fayette, Oakland: Kimberly Anderson, CL

    TN, Gibson, Dyer: Sarah Watson, DL

    TN, Gibson, Humboldt: Reagan Echtenkamp, DL

    TN, Gibson, Humboldt: Brilee Petty, DL

    TN, Gibson, Kenton: Ryleigh Greene, CL

    TN, Gibson, Medina: McKenna Beaver, CL

    TN, Gibson, Medina: Katherine Butler, CL

    TN, Gibson, Medina: Wells Myers, DL

    TN, Gibson, Trenton: Isabelle Cooper, CL

    TN, Knox, Knoxville: Madison Grimm, CL

    TN, Madison, Jackson: Caitlyn Brown, CL

    TN, Madison, Jackson: Drake Adams, DL

    TN, Madison, Jackson: Kylie Adams, DL

    TN, Madison, Jackson: Ashley Carter, DL

    TN, Madison, Jackson: Camryn Meyer, DL

    TN, Obion, Hornbeak: Parker Ferguson, CL

    TN, Obion, Hornbeak: Maggie Worley, DL

    TN, Obion, Troy: Hannah Johnston, CL

    TN, Obion, Union City: Brea Humphries, DL

    TN, Shelby, Arlington: Sophia Matheson, CL

    TN, Shelby, Bartlett: Elizabeth Harrison, DL

    TN, Shelby, Bartlett: Abigail Holland, DL

    TN, Shelby, Bartlett: Autumn Montgomery, DL

    TN, Shelby, Bartlett: Doniesha Ward, DL

    TN, Shelby, Collierville: Rebecca French, CL

    TN, Shelby, Collierville: Allison Peavy, CL

    TN, Shelby, Collierville: William Belk, DL

    TN, Shelby, Collierville: Emily Cooper, DL

    TN, Shelby, Collierville: Tara Lea, DL

    TN, Shelby, Collierville: Emma Riales, DL

    TN, Shelby, Cordova: William Huber, CL

    TN, Shelby, Cordova: Kayla Jones, DL

    TN, Shelby, Germantown: Landry Benzing, CL

    TN, Shelby, Germantown: Gertie Langford, CL

    TN, Shelby, Germantown: James Cromer, DL

    TN, Shelby, Germantown: Olivia Scaramastro, DL

    TN, Shelby, Lakeland: Olivia Luther, CL

    TN, Shelby, Memphis: William Blake, CL

    TN, Shelby, Memphis: Darron Carruthers, CL

    TN, Shelby, Memphis: Anna Cremerius, CL

    TN, Shelby, Memphis: Mark Arnold, DL

    TN, Shelby, Memphis: Lakeysha Brown, DL

    TN, Shelby, Memphis: Tierra Eskridge, DL

    TN, Shelby, Memphis: Brian Peeples, DL

    TN, Shelby, Millington: Lilian Johnson, DL

    TN, Shelby, Millington: Aliyah Williamson, DL

    TN, Sumner, Hendersonvlle: Maria Pando, DL

    TN, Tipton, Atoka: Charleigh Callahan, CL

    TN, Tipton, Atoka: Brenna Byars, DL

    TN, Tipton, Mason: Camryn Michael, DL

    TN, Tipton, Stanton: Elijah Davis, DL

    TN, Williamson, Franklin: Christi Johnson, CL

    TX, Bowie, DeKalb: Morgan Motes, DL

    TX, Bowie, Texarkana: Coltin Clack, DL

    TX, Bowie, Texarkana: Mackenzie Glover, DL

    TX, Collin, Plano: Emma Riley, CL

    TX, Collin, Plano: Sydni Leung, DL

    TX, Collin, Plano: Eva Wilk, DL

    TX, Collin, Wylie: Selase Sampram, DL

    TX, Dallas, Dallas: Pierce Johnson, CL

    TX, Denton, Bartonville: Kassidy Reeves, DL

    TX, Denton, Flower Mound: Hannah McLaughlin, CL

    TX, Fort Bend, Katy: Phoebe Harpole, CL

    TX, Goliad, Goliad: Ellie Albrecht, DL

    TX, Guadalupe, Cibolo: Zachary Beaumont, CL

    TX, Guadalupe, Cibolo: Wyatt Begeal, DL

    TX, Harris, Houston: Veronika Hale, DL

    TX, Jefferson, Nederland: Ethan Williamson, DL

    TX, McLennan, Hewitt: Jahden Brown, DL

    TX, Ochiltree, Perryton: Ximena Uribe Navarrete, DL

    TX, Panola, Carthage: Brooke Cabello, DL

    TX, Panola, DeBerry: Brea Rettelle, CL

    TX, Tarrant, Burleson: Damaris Deschaine, DL

    TX, Tarrant, Euless: Sophie Leathers, DL

    TX, Tarrant, Grapevine: Audrey Aguilar, DL

    TX, Travis, Austin: Jacqueline Pine, CL

    TX, Williamson, Elgin: Ryan Hanson, DL

    UT, Cache, Providence: Lora Waloski, CL

    VA, Fairfax, Springfield: Kiersten Henderson, DL

    VA, Louisa, Mineral: Ethan Mychajlonka, CL

    VA, Spotsylvania, Spotsylvania: Urit Lopez, DL

    WI, Burnett, Grantsburg: Katherine Zeiler, DL

    WI, Washington, Hartford: Amanda Wallenfang, DL

    WI, Wood, Marshfield: Jacob Rapert, CL

    WY, Park, Cody: Grace Shaffer, CL


    Australia, Perth: Isabel Daines, CL

    China, Shanghai: Yixing Wang, CL

    China, Shangrao: Zeyang Peng, DL

    China, Zhaoqing: Genghong Cai, DL

    Colombia, Bogota D.C.: Valery Castillo Rendon, DL

    Germany, Duesseldorf: Victoria Hendel, CL

    Germany, Duesseldorf: Mora Eggert, DL

    Japan, Fukuoka: Hirohito Noda, DL

    Japan, Hiratsuka, Kanagawa: Runa Takahashi, DL

    Japan, Mitoyo-shi, Kagawa: Katsuki Oike, DL

    Japan, Niigata-shi, Niigata: Toshiki Iizuka, DL

    Japan, Shimotsuke, Tochigi: Akira Nakagawa, DL

    Japan, Yamagata-shi, Gifu: Ayaka Okuda, CL

    Japan: Keigo Kobayashi, CL

    Mexico, Acaponeta: Darien Rojas Hernández, DL

    Mexico, Acapulco: Chelsea Isabella Abarca Diaz, CL

    Mexico, Acapulco: Tiffany Jimenez Ozuna, DL

    Mexico, Alvarado, Veracruz: Ana Carolina Herrera Hernández, DL

    Mexico, Alvaro Obregon: Jose Arturo Pacheco Flores, CL

    Mexico, Atitalaquia: Rogelio Briseño, DL

    Mexico, Atizapan: Paula Quintero, CL

    Mexico, Atizapan de Zaragoza: Maria Fernanda Rios Peña, DL

    Mexico, Boca del Rio: Arantza Aguilar Sanchez, DL

    Mexico, Calimaya: Paula Almazán, DL

    Mexico, Calimaya: Daniel Loza Aranda, DL

    Mexico, Calimaya: Rodrigo Regalado Palomeque, DL

    Mexico, Campeche: Camila Chazaro Quijano, DL

    Mexico, Cancún: Brenda Anabel García Ducret, DL

    Mexico, Celaya: Aintzane Estalayo Ruíz, CL

    Mexico, Celaya: Diego Beltrán, DL

    Mexico, Chiapas: Yanim Yanfiat Naemi Casab, DL

    Mexico, Chihuahua: Victor González Chacón, CL

    Mexico, Chihuahua: Katya Gonzalez Gonzalez, CL

    Mexico, Chihuahua: Andrea Villanueva Lechuga, DL

    Mexico, Chimalhuacan: Marlen Zarate, DL

    Mexico, Ciudad de Mexico: Santiago Arriaga Sanchez, CL

    Mexico, Ciudad de Mexico: Jonathan Alejandro Bayardo Otero, CL

    Mexico, Ciudad de Mexico: Luis Emilio Vallarino Godinez, CL

    Mexico, Ciudad de Mexico: Cesar Zistecatl Díaz, CL

    Mexico, Ciudad de Mexico: Eduardo Aguado Hernandez, DL

    Mexico, Ciudad de Mexico: Javier Alejandro Aguirre Gonzalez, DL

    Mexico, Ciudad de Mexico: Arantxa Estefania Flores Lino, DL

    Mexico, Ciudad de Mexico: Dante Hernandez Castellanos, DL

    Mexico, Ciudad de Mexico: Sofia Ledesma Barbosa, DL

    Mexico, Ciudad de Mexico: Monserrat López Cárdenas, DL

    Mexico, Ciudad de Mexico: Paula Gabriela Nava León, DL

    Mexico, Ciudad de Mexico: Nicolas Ramírez García Peña, DL

    Mexico, Ciudad de Mexico: Irene Galilea Sánchez Villalva, DL

    Mexico, Ciudad de Mexico: Laura Nicole Shvartz Noguez, DL

    Mexico, Ciudad de Mexico: Miren Maitane Ugarte Maldonado, DL

    Mexico, Ciudad Del Carmen: Aimée Elias Troy Lastra, CL

    Mexico, Ciudad López Mateos: Aide Habibeh Marrón, CL

    Mexico, Corregidora: Monserrat Alcantara Osorno, CL

    Mexico, Corregidora: Ana Valeria González Cano, CL

    Mexico, Corregidora: José Pablo Urquiza Luna, CL

    Mexico, Corregidora: Iker Aragón Concha, DL

    Mexico, Corregidora: Ricardo Cortez Ruiz, DL

    Mexico, Corregidora: Marco Antonio Gomez Castillo, DL

    Mexico, Corregidora: Tabata Vazquez Orozco, DL

    Mexico, Cuautitlan Izcalli: Moises Vertiz Herrera, DL

    Mexico, Cuautitlán Izcalli: Axell Amaya, DL

    Mexico, Cuautla: Gerson Sandoval Lopez, CL

    Mexico, Cuernavaca: Grecia Fernanda Torres Pacheco, CL

    Mexico, Cuernavaca: Nadua Alejandra Pineda Najera, DL

    Mexico, Culiacán: María José Espinoza Garza, DL

    Mexico, Durango: Pamela Lopez Yanez Estrada, DL

    Mexico, Edo. de Mexico: Annybeth Martinez Martinez, DL

    Mexico, El Marques: Julio Hernandez Reyes, CL

    Mexico, El Marques: Diego Emilio Aznar Cruz, DL

    Mexico, El Marques: Emanuel Rosas Flores, DL

    Mexico, El Salto: Josue Abraham Diaz Ramirez, CL

    Mexico, Ensenada: José Pablo Torres Campos, CL

    Mexico, Estado de Mexico: Esther Canales Tecuatl, CL

    Mexico, Estado de Mexico: Aranza Gutierrez Martinez, CL

    Mexico, Estado de Mexico: Diego Nakakawa Batani, CL

    Mexico, Estado de Mexico: Xel Reyes Mañón, CL

    Mexico, Estado de Mexico: Akari Aquetzalli Alcantara Manzo, DL

    Mexico, Estado De Mexico: Iker Bucio Hernandez, DL

    Mexico, Estado de Mexico: Barbara Abigail Mendez Flores, DL

    Mexico, Estado de Mexico: Santiago Minutti Hernandez, DL

    Mexico, Estado de Mexico: Alonso Muñoz Herrera, DL

    Mexico, Gomez Palacio: Erwin Zavaleta Castañeda Reyes, DL

    Mexico, Guadalupe: Ramon Alejandro Garcia Huerta, DL

    Mexico, Guanajuato: Morelia Sanchez Hernandez, DL

    Mexico, Hermosillo: Gilda Alejandra Beal Murrieta, DL

    Mexico, Huatusco: Carolina Reyes Crivelli, DL

    Mexico, Huixquilucan: Jimena Aguilar Medina, CL

    Mexico, Huixquilucan: Andres Manuel Ramirez Funcia, DL

    Mexico, Huixquilucan: Sabrina Sanchez, DL

    Mexico, Irapuato: Natan Gomez, CL

    Mexico, Juxtlahuaca: Melanie Solano Guzman, CL

    Mexico, Leon: Miguel Angel Martinez Valdes, CL

    Mexico, Leon: Regina Romero, CL

    Mexico, Leon: Jaznia Adan Valadez, DL

    Mexico, Leon: Itzel Araceli Castrejon Gonzalez, DL

    Mexico, Lerma: Lezlyrak Fania Hernandez Romero, DL

    Mexico, Los Cabos: Polux Emiliano Rodriguez Castro, DL

    Mexico, Los Mochis: Jennifer Martinez Angelina, CL

    Mexico, Los Mochis: Otoniel Gastelum Pineda, DL

    Mexico, Los Reyes de Salgado: Ligia Isabel Guerrero Morales, DL

    Mexico, Manzanillo: Ramon Oziel Medina García, DL

    Mexico, Merida: Andrea Camila Castelan Lopez, DL

    Mexico, Mérida: Carlos Ivan Blas Macias, DL

    Mexico, Mexico City: Gabriela Ainara Becerril Pichardo, CL

    Mexico, Mexico City: Jessica Sofia Galarza Hernandez, CL

    Mexico, Mexico City: Andrea Gonzalez Gomez, CL

    Mexico, Mexico City: Lorena Gutierrez Aguilar, CL

    Mexico, Mexico City: Alejandro Junco Herrera, CL

    Mexico, Mexico City: Juan Pablo Pietra Santa Rodríguez, CL

    Mexico, Mexico City: Michelle Toussaint Fernandez, CL

    Mexico, Mexico City: Gerson Valencia, CL

    Mexico, Mexico City: Allen Jordan Aguilar Vazquez, DL

    Mexico, Mexico City: Daniel Castaneda Ruan, DL

    Mexico, Mexico City: Mariana Monterrubio Castro, DL

    Mexico, Mexico City: Grecia Valeria Palafox Matias, DL

    Mexico, Mexico City: Pia Vidal Cendon, DL

    Mexico, Minatitlan: Fernanda Linette Rosales Toral, DL

    Mexico, Monclova: Laura Patricia Reyna Martelet, CL

    Mexico, Monterrey: Paula Andrea Mesa Camero, DL

    Mexico, Morelia: Edna Lucero Arciga  Contreras, CL

    Mexico, Morelia: Dariana Nazareth Hernandez Guillen, CL

    Mexico, Morelia: Dante Didier López Villegas, CL

    Mexico, Morelia: José Ricardo Arreola Figueroa, DL

    Mexico, Morelia: Ángela Mariana Becerra Alanís, DL

    Mexico, Morelia: Christian Garza Guerrero, DL

    Mexico, Morelia: Daniela Areli Hidalgo Chavez, DL

    Mexico, Morelia: Alejandro Ian Martinez, DL

    Mexico, Morelia: Luis Valdés Magaña, DL

    Mexico, Moroleon: Maximiliano Guzmán Vargas, DL

    Mexico, Naucalpan de Juárez: Jose Juan Avalos Dueñas, CL

    Mexico, Naucalpan de Juárez: Mariana Funes Romero, CL

    Mexico, Naucalpan de Juárez: Nicolas Corral Ruiz Sandoval, CL

    Mexico, Naucalpan de Juárez: Oscar Gael Portilo Briviesca, DL

    Mexico, Naucalpan de Juárez: Carlos Ricardo Rosas Rodríguez, DL

    Mexico, Naucalpan de Juárez: Max Velasco, DL

    Mexico, Oaxaca de Juárez: Sarai Garces Borbolla, CL

    Mexico, Pachuca: Manuel Alejandro Chavez Alvarado, DL

    Mexico, Pachuca: Karla Cristina Krimbill Leonel, DL

    Mexico, Piedras Negras: Jennifer Olmos Gonzalez, CL

    Mexico, Poza Rica: Kitzia Peralta Violante, DL

    Mexico, Puebla: Santiago Corona Esparragoza, CL

    Mexico, Puebla: David Fernando Miranda López, CL

    Mexico, Querétaro: Ana Valeria Ayala Luque, CL

    Mexico, Querétaro: Mauricio Alexander Franco Hernández, CL

    Mexico, Querétaro: Crystal Itzamar Hernandez Estrada, CL

    Mexico, Querétaro: Lennard Sebastian Lopez Leiste, CL

    Mexico, Querétaro: Laura Gabriela Mandujano Palacios, CL

    Mexico, Querétaro: Victor Andres Mendoza Sánchez, CL

    Mexico, Querétaro: Valentina Mota Orozco, CL

    Mexico, Querétaro: Denise Pejic, CL

    Mexico, Querétaro: Vanesa Quintanar Alvarez, CL

    Mexico, Querétaro: Ximena Zamora Prieto, CL

    Mexico, Querétaro: Eduardo Cuesta Garza, DL

    Mexico, Querétaro: Emily Jhuliana Cueva Castañeda, DL

    Mexico, Querétaro: Natalia Estrada Hernandez, DL

    Mexico, Querétaro: Amanda Lopez Hernández, DL

    Mexico, Querétaro: Cielo Giselle Luna, DL

    Mexico, Querétaro: Wendy Joselin Mandujano Santos, DL

    Mexico, Querétaro: Jonathan Martinez Rosales, DL

    Mexico, Querétaro: Leslie Olvera Núñez, DL

    Mexico, Querétaro: Ana Cecilia Ortega Larracoechea, DL

    Mexico, Querétaro: Miriam Jocelyn Ramirez Zamora, DL

    Mexico, Querétaro: Anaid Vaca, DL

    Mexico, Rio Grande: Diego Salas Ramirez, CL

    Mexico, Saltillo: Edgar Alejandro de la Garza Cervera, CL

    Mexico, Saltillo: Clara Erdmann Diaz Barreiro, CL

    Mexico, Saltillo: Ricardo Zuñiga, CL

    Mexico, Saltillo: Genesis Camila Menez Pérez, DL

    Mexico, San Juan del Rio: Chloe Sofía Zavala Rymer, CL

    Mexico, San Juan del Rio: Alondra Arias Villaseñor, DL

    Mexico, San Juan del Rio: Carlos Rodrigo Lopez Hernandez, DL

    Mexico, San Juan del Rio: Zara Muñoz Rodríguez, DL

    Mexico, San Juan del Río: Miguel Adán Martínez Hernández, DL

    Mexico, San Luis Potosi: Angel Leonardo Medina Arriaga, CL

    Mexico, San Luis Potosi: Athalie Ventura Espinoza, CL

    Mexico, San Luis Potosi: Andres Lopez Aguirre, DL

    Mexico, San Luis Potosí: Isabella Crosson Torres, DL

    Mexico, San Martín Texmeluca: Tania Cano Flores, CL

    Mexico, San Miguel de Allend: Mariana Arenas Leon, CL

    Mexico, San Miguel de Allend: Stephanie Annete Hernández Juárez, DL

    Mexico, Santiago de Queretaro: Monica Segovia, CL

    Mexico, Santiago de Queretaro: Sergio Giner Zubieta, DL

    Mexico, Satelite: Sundari Álvarez, CL

    Mexico, Tampico: Valeria Fernandez de Lara Gonzalez, CL

    Mexico, Tampico: Karla Reyes Morales, CL

    Mexico, Tampico: Ana Paulina Cruz Mar, DL

    Mexico, Tecamachalco: Uriel Isaac Gonzalez Contreras, CL

    Mexico, Tepeji Del Rio: Ana Garcia Hernandez, CL

    Mexico, Tepeji Del Rio: Leticia Rivas Chavarria, CL

    Mexico, Tepic: Daniela Paulina Espinoza Rubio, CL

    Mexico, Tepic: Moises Castelan Nieblas, DL

    Mexico, Tequisquiapan: Dariana Uribe Diaz, CL

    Mexico, Tequisquiapan: Meritza Adriana Torres, DL

    Mexico, Tlajomulco de Zuñiga: Mauricio Garcia Godinez, DL

    Mexico, Tlalnepantla: Valentina Pazos  Olvera, CL

    Mexico, Tlalnepantla: Jacqueline Romani Vargas Ulloa, CL

    Mexico, Tlalnepantla de Baz: Sebastian Carrion Alvarez, DL

    Mexico, Tlalnepantla de Baz: Camila Espinosa Smith, DL

    Mexico, Tlalnepantla de Baz: Andrea Fernanda Monroy Soto, DL

    Mexico, Tlalpan: Alexa Muñoz Sakar, DL

    Mexico, Toliman: Sandra Garcia Banda, CL

    Mexico, Toluca: Sofia Garcia Bernal, CL

    Mexico, Toluca: Karime Villalobos Gómez, CL

    Mexico, Toluca: Daniel Cano Gutiérrez, DL

    Mexico, Toluca: Emilio Garcia Altamirano, DL

    Mexico, Torreon: Pablo Alejandro Algara Perez, DL

    Mexico, Torreon: Christian Lopez, DL

    Mexico, Torreon: Eduardo Maynez Garcia, DL

    Mexico, Torreon: Mario Ulises Moreno Gonzalez, DL

    Mexico, Torreon: Diana Hugued Ramirez Guzman, DL

    Mexico, Tula Hidalgo: Luisa Fernanda Real Madrigal, DL

    Mexico, Tuxpan: Alexandra Melo Gomez, CL

    Mexico, Tuxtla Gutierrez: Daniela Diaz Paniagua, CL

    Mexico, Tuxtla Gutierrez: Claudia Alejandra Gutierrez Medina, CL

    Mexico, Tuxtla Gutierrez: Josue De los Santos Sandoval, DL

    Mexico, Uriangato: Diego Medina Escobedo, DL

    Mexico, Uruapan: Glenda Paulet Perez Ochoa, CL

    Mexico, Valles City: Jael Martinez Ventura, CL

    Mexico, Veracruz: Grissel Hernández Lara, DL

    Mexico, Victoria: Adrián Correa Recio, CL

    Mexico, Villa Corregidora: Jorge Mauricio Ayala Luque, DL

    Mexico, Villahermosa: Lizzeth Erandi Alafita Morales, DL

    Mexico, Villahermosa: Diego Manuel Cruz Valdiviezo, DL

    Mexico, Villahermosa: Monica de Jesus Montejo Rivera, DL

    Mexico, Xalapa: Mauricio Bautista, DL

    Mexico, Xalapa: Ingrid Astrid Hernández Acosta, DL

    Mexico, Xalapa: Mariana Medina Moreno, DL

    Mexico, Zimapan: Fernanda García Zenil, DL

    Nepal, Beni: Sneha Chhetri, DL

    Nepal, Chitwan: Samir Paudel, DL

    Nepal, Kathmandu: Jasmine Sapkota, DL

    Saudi Arabia, Riyadh: Fared Farag, CL

    South Africa, Bloemfontein: Daniel Raath, DL

    South Africa, Bryanston: Timothy Glatthaar, CL

    South Africa, Johannesburg: Keelan Watkins, DL

    South Africa, Port Elizabeth: Tiaan Ingram, CL

    South Africa, Somerset West: Rebecca Brody, CL

    South Korea (Rep. of Korea), Chuncheon: HanJo Lee, DL

    Ukraine, Kiev: Sofiia Vdovychenko, DL

    Vietnam, Ha Noi: Quang Dang, CL

    Vietnam, Hai Phong: Hang Nguyen, CL

    Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh: Thao Nguyen, DL

    Vietnam, Long Khanh: Tuan Kiet Vuong, CL

    # # #

    Original article source: | Article may or may not reflect the views of KLEK 102.5 FM or The Voice of Arkansas Minority Advocacy Council

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