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What You Need to Know About Hypot Testing

Electricity is both beneficial and dangerous. Electricity is beneficial because the power generated can give life to appliances and machines. Appliances and machines made things easier in the conduct of our daily lives. Life without electricity will be dark and utterly exhausting.

However, it is also a danger to those who do not understand it. You have to now that products like appliances, cable assemblies, electric motors, transformers, circuit boards and other electrical devices produce a minimal amount of current leakage. If the insulation of the product breaks down, it can lead to severe leakage current flow. This will inevitably cause shock or worst, death to anyone that comes into contact.

This is when a hypot test comes into the picture. Hipot test is also called dielectric withstand the test. Hipot is the short version of “high potential”. Here are the things that you need to know about hipot testing:

What is the importance of hipot testing?

Hipot testing ensures that there is no current flow from one point to another. Hipot tests are the opposite of continuity test. A continuity test checks if there is current flow from one point to another.

The goal of hipot testing is to determine the sufficiency of electrical insulation. It is a high-voltage test that is used by all devices to certify that the insulation is not minimal. Moreover, it is helpful in discovering crushed or nicked insulation, stray wires, terminal spacing problems and the cable tolerance errors.

How does the test method look like?

Hipot testers attach one side of the supply to earth ground or safety ground while the other side is linked to the conductor being examined. If there are more than two contacts to be tested, you can simply link one contact to high voltage and link all others to the ground.

What is the time duration for the hipot test?

According to the standards set by IEC 60950, the test duration is 1 minute.

What is the current setting for the hipot test?

Modern hipot testers permit the user to set the current. However, if there is an actual leakage, the hipot test current can be projected. To do this, you need to identify the trip level. You need to test product samples to establish average current. After this, the leakage current trip level should be set slightly higher. It is important that the current trip level is slightly higher to avoid failure.

How is the hipot testing done?

Electricians or those that are certified only use hipot test. Normally, they will open the circuit breakers to be tested. Electricians are aware of the limited approach boundary – at 1000 volts, it should be 5 feet or 1.53 meters. In this case, there will be barriers around the equipment to prevent other people from crossing the boundary. The next thing they need to do is to connect the ground lead and the high voltage lead. Then they can switch on the hipot tester.

As mentioned earlier, certified electricians should only use the hipot test. When you suspect current leakage, you should call an electrician right away. Do not attempt to find out on your own because it can be very dangerous. If you are certified to use one, you can easily tackle the problem of current leakage.

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