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Misty Knight: Unsung Super Hero

March 15, 2019

Many people may have discovered Marvel Comics’ Misty Knight
on Netflix’s Luke Cage and The Defenders. That iteration of the
character was played by Simone Missick. Knight is a feisty detective known for
her bionic arm, amazing intuition, and extreme intelligence. On the TV series,
and even in the MCU, the character often takes a back seat to other principal
characters. On the TV series, we saw her lusting after Luke Cage, who ended up
breaking her heart. In comic book world, she actually dated Iron Fist while Luke
Cage (Power Man) was the rebound romance, but we will get to that in a minute.
Let us start at the beginning.

Mercedes “Misty Knight,” also known as Maya Corday, first
appeared in Marvel Premiere #21 (March 1975). The character was born and raised
in New York City where she graduated from the police academy. She excelled in
the NYPD and rose to became lieutenant. She was already a skilled combatant and
had near perfect aim with firearms. In her story arch, Misty lost her arm in an
explosion at a bank and she was relegated to a desk job.

Knight was not willing to be on the sidelines, so she left
the NYPD and started Knightwing Restorations, LTD, a private investigation firm
with her good friend Colleen Wing. Tony Starks, yup THE Tony Starks aka Iron
Man, took notice of the young hero and was inspired to gift her with her
signature bionic arm. The arm granted Misty superhuman strength, the ability to
create energy blasts, gravity fields, control machines, and more.

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Misty Knight is a Marvel hero, half of the Daughters of the Dragon with Colleen Wing and is associated with LukeCage, IronFist, and the Defenders. Misty is a former NYPD officer with a bionic arm which gives her perfect aim, superhuman strength, and concussive blasts. The bionic arm was upgraded by Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, with Antarctic vibranium which can liquefy other metals including adamantium, which means in a battle, Misty could melt Wolverine. #AURN #AURNOnline #MistyKnight #Marvel #MarvelUniverse @marvel @marvelstudios #LukeCage #PowerMan #IronFist #IronMan #DaughtersOfTheDragon #ColeenWing #Wolverine #TheDefenders #JessicaJones #Daredevil #TheHand #BlackSuperHeroes #BlackComicBookFestNYC #BlackComicBookFestival #ComicBooks #SchomburgCenter @schomburgcenter #Blerd #BlackGirlsRock #nypd

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Misty’s organization affiliations include Knightwing Restorations,
LTD, Heroes for Hire, Daughters of the Dragon, and Valkyrior. She has also been
involved in the Civil War storyline, she was once roommates with Jean Grey (aka
Marvel Girl, Phoenix, and Dark Phoenix) and has helped the X-Men, was included
in the short-lived Black Panther & The Crew comic book series, and more.

As far as her relationship with Iron Fist, they met through
mutual friend Colleen Wing (Knightwing Restorations, LTD and Daughters of the
Dragon) and hit it off. Their relationship was intense, and they were known for
sharing the first interracial kiss between superheroes in a mainstream comic
book series (1977). Iron Fist broke up with Misty Knight after a while because
he didn’t feel like he was a good boyfriend, but they continued having a
rollercoaster off and on relationship. Misty became romantically involved with
Luke Cage (Power Man) at one point shortly after the Iron Fist break up. Her
love affair with Luke Cage was short lived but it caused some tension between “heroes
for hire” Luke Cage and Iron Fist. The tension did not last forever but Misty
Knight obviously left an impression. In one version of the Marvel Universe,
because there are always several different storylines per character (and Misty
is in at least six, probably more), Misty Knight and Iron Fist jump the broom,
give up being superheroes, and live a simple life with their little girl.

Misty makes a cameo appearance in the Marvel vs. Capcom video game series but is not a playable character. She is obviously a key player in the Marvel Universe who always seems to play a supporting role though she deserves a series of her own. It is time for somebody to recognize Misty Knight!

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